Chicago Training: Week 4

Last week was a great week of training, but I did have a bit of a hiccup. Frank and I met up with some friends out in Colorado. We did a 28-mile hike with close to 10,000 feet of elevation gain over the course of two days. However, about halfway through, I took a bad step and turned my ankle. Since I was carrying about 30 pounds of weight on my back… it didn’t exactly feel good. I have been chilling out a bit and will be back to my usual intensity next week. Despite the injury, I still managed to get 27 miles in. I was supposed to do 33, but that’s ok.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 6 miles hill repeats in AM & 3.1 miles easy in PM

This was my first ever double! It was great, too. This is something that I want to do going into the future. Splitting a long-ish day allows me to run a little further and still have time to get work done. It also allowed me to feel a little fresher going into the next day of training.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy at 9:14 pace

I ran a rather hilly route around town, but felt great. On the top of the hill, I saw fireworks off in the distance. It was nice and relaxing.

Thursday: 12 miles at 9:46 pace

This was an awesome long run! I felt wonderful the whole time, but I finished the run at marathon pace for the last two miles (9:00 min/mi). I’m actually looking forward to my longer runs.

Friday: 14 miles hiking at Maroon-Bells

We had a rather long and grueling day fighting the weather and crazy high altitude. I got hailed on like 5 times and spent a lot of time shivering, but it was amazing. I turned my ankle towards the end of the day and basically had to walk it off. I gave some of my pack weight to Frank, popped 4 ibuprofen and sucked it up. 😦

Us taking a break on one of the mountain passes.
Us taking a break on one of the mountain passes.

Saturday: 14 miles hiking at Maroon-Bells

We woke up at 5:30 am to get out on the trail by 6 am. My ankle felt a little better, but not great. We made it back to the parking lot around 3 pm, and I finally got to get off my foot for a while.

That little pink dot is me!
That little pink dot is me!

Sunday: Rested foot

I’ve been icing the ankle and trying to stay off of it. I did go for a run on Tuesday, and it went really well. I only went 3 miles, but I felt really good. Tomorrow I’m going to go for a longer run, but still at an easy pace. Hopefully I continue on the mend.

Have you ever gone on a backpacking trip? Do you ever run twice in a day?

11 thoughts on “Chicago Training: Week 4

  1. Nice job this week – I hope your ankle feels better soon!! I backpack with my husband often, we love it! I’ve only run twice in a day once or twice, but I have some doubles on my training plan for my fall marathon 🙂 Have a great day!


  2. That’s a bummer about your ankle! Totally my worst fear hiking is getting injured like that (other than running into a bear or something ;). Hope it heals well! I ran twice in one day I think only once haha. I know I ran one morning and then new running shoes arrived in the mail and I couldn’t wait to use them, so I went for a 2nd run that day. I’m training for my first tri, so lately I’ve been doing some bike then run workouts in the morning and just because of pool availability, I have been swimming at night. Tuesday/Thursday’s are rough because of that…but it’ll be worth it! 😉


    1. Yeah. I was pretty upset after I turned it. Honestly, all I could think about was not being able to run Chicago in October. But now that it’s better, I’m super glad I went, even if it cost me a few days of training. Training for triathlons sound so intense!


  3. Lady you are a hiking MACHINE! Glad you are seeing some amazing wilderness these days! I sure hope your ankle recovers quickly, I’m glad it wasn’t something more serious!

    I’ve done a few “doubles”, usually when I don’t have time to cram in 8-9 miles before or after work so I will do some of it on my lunch hour (can’t do that this season though cause I’d get way too sweaty!). It’s a great way to practice running on tired legs, but I would really hate having to shower twice in one day.


    1. Haha! Yeah. Wanting to hike further and faster is what got me back into running after I was injured the first time. It’s mostly ok now. I’m gonna go for a run later, so I’ll see if it’s 100% now.


  4. I love doubles. I was just thinking how this cycle I might start incorporating them more! I think it’s a great way to get your body used to moving on tired legs! Sorry about your ankle 😦 I know how that feels. It sounds like it’s healing up nicely though and that’s great news! That hike in Colorado looks gorgeous!


  5. Rolled ankle yikes….and 10000 ft of climbing is no joke, great work. I’ve done multi day backpacking out here in az, I loved it but then I started trail running…enjoy that so much more :). I’ve done a small number of two a days, I don’t particularly enjoy them lol


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