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At the finish line of the Javalina Jundred

Thanks for checking out my blog!

My name is Kerry. This is my blog about running and training for trail and ultra races in Utah’s beautiful Wasatch Mountains. I moved to Utah four years ago from the flatlands of Florida. With amazing views and punishing trails, living in Salt Lake City has been a dream come true.

Running up the mountains only 10 minutes from my home

I got into running in high school as a sprinter, running the 200 and the 400. However, as an adult, sprinting is a lot harder and I settled into running longer distances. I started with half marathons, which became marathons and eventually 100-mile ultramarathons. Training for ultras can be a challenge, but it is certainly easier while living in such a beautiful place.

When I am not in the mountains, I am a data scientist working for the Utah Department of Health on data qualtiy and control of electronic labs. COVID has certainly made this job a challenge! Luckily, I have the privledge of working from home and spending time with my cat, Elly!

My work-from-home buddy!

If you are interesting in Ultramarathons or trail races in Utah, hopefully you can find it here! I post race recaps, routes and trip reports as I train and explore this beautiful place!

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  1. Hi, Kerry! You won a prize in my L.A. Marathon contest (www.mustlovejogs.com) – email me at mustlovejogs[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know what address to mail it to – woo hoo!


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