Muddy Monk Trail Run! Woohoo!

I just signed up for one more trail race in 2014 and I am super excited! A group of people from the South Bend Adventure Club will be heading out to run either the 5k or the 10k in about two weeks (I’ll be doing the 10k). Although trail races tend to be quite a bit slower than road, they are still tons of fun, if not more fun. However, it is important to adjust expectations to the race you are running. If you know there will be hills and lots of turns, you will run a substantially slower race. A few months ago I ran the crazy hilly Knobstone Trail 10k in 1:07, which is close to 15 minutes slower than my PR on road. So what are my goals for this race? I’m not sure yet, but I think I’ll just go for breaking 1 hour. Here’s to hoping for no snow on the trails! 🙂

Another trail race on the books! Super excited!
Another trail race on the books! Super excited!

4 thoughts on “Muddy Monk Trail Run! Woohoo!

  1. Good luck! Last year we did a Muddy Monk and I was so excited about it. But on race day there was a big old mess and the course was a triple loop. A triple loop?! It was supposed to be a 15K but after the second loop we had already done 9 miles. They kept telling us we had to go another but that would have been a half marathon. We all decided just to quit and get our beer 🙂 Trail runs are fun though and Muddy Monk aims to be fun. Enjoy your race!


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