Training Update: Great week with some PR’s and wins!

Sorry that I’m late on the post, I’ve just had a crazy weekend and Monday! I had a great week, with a PR on my virtual 10k and an age group win for a 15k. This next week is my last full week of training for the Holy Half, and I’m pretty excited to see how it all goes.

Monday: Rest + some yoga!
I did an hour of vinyasa on my own at home, but I took it pretty easy. It was nice to have a day off, especially the day before attempting to PR on my 10k for Kristina’s Virtual Race!

Tuesday: 6.2 Virtual Race + Yoga
I had a great time running the Race for Paws 10k! I went out a little too fast for my first mile, so I certainly did some serious suffering. However, I managed to finish in 51:28, which was a pretty big PR for me (my previous PR was set during the A1A Half Marathon, so I knew I had it in me to push). I did some hot yoga afterwards to stretch the body out, and generally felt pretty great.

Wednesday: Easy 3.5 with run group! + Yoga
I went out for my weekly run with the Fleet Feet run group. They changed the start location, which is only a half mile from my house. Now I can just run there! I ran 3 miles with the group and then we all stayed for some food. It was a pretty easy pace, which was nice, especially since I had pushed myself the day before. My pace was 9:52.

Obligatory group run photo. Yeah, we are a nerdy group.
Obligatory group run photo. Yeah, we are a nerdy group.

Thursday: Intervals! (4.5 miles)
I had a great time doing my intervals. I did a warm up mile and then ran timed intervals on Notre Dame’s campus. It was nice to do a few minutes of all out intermixed with some easy running. I felt great after the run and had pretty good runner’s high. Overall pace was 8:53, including warm up and cool down.

Friday: Rest… for real! 
I took Friday to chill, since I had a race the next day! Frank and I checked out the trail conditions before the race though…

Is that a trail or a creek?
Is that a trail or a creek?

Saturday: 15K Trail race! + hiking
So… it had been raining for two days by the time I got to the trails and it was MUDDY! Like… foot stuck in the mud, muddy. I’m going to write a race review on this, so, I’ll tell you more then. It was slow going and hard to run, but I finished 4th for women and 1st in my age group, despite crossing the finish line with only one shoe on (more on that later). We did some hiking afterwards, but tried to stay away from the super muddy trails (which was like, most of them).

Uh...yeah. I am definitely running through the finish line with my shoe in my hand. Priceless.
Uh…yeah. I am definitely running through the finish line with my shoe in my hand. Priceless.

Sunday: 3.4 recovery run + hiking
I camped Saturday night at the park that held the race, and woke up to beautiful sun and warm temps. I just couldn’t resist, so I went for a short recovery run through the park. (9:02 pace)

I couldn't resist to go out on such a beautiful day!
I couldn’t resist to go out on such a beautiful day!

This was a pretty great week and I am starting to feel ready to run the Holy Half in a little over a week. I’m not sure what to expect from that race, but we’ll see.

How did your training go this week? Were you surprised that Ryan Hall didn’t finish LA? Also, Lizzy totally kicked LA’s (and Ryan Hall’s) butt at the marathon on sunday! 

6 thoughts on “Training Update: Great week with some PR’s and wins!

  1. Lots of buzz about Ryan Hall. Many are saying this is the beginning of the end for him.

    Congrats on your AG placement at your trail run! I can’t wait to read your recap, it sounds very interesting!! Looks like a gorgeous weekend all around 🙂


    1. Ryan Hall is so young, I think he can totally have a comeback. I just wonder what the problem is. He isn’t my favorite runner, but I certainly hope he can step it up again.

      Thanks! The race was certainly interesting. Haha! So. Much. Mud.


  2. You are getting faster by the day! I saw your 10K time already, but HUGE congrats on that AG win last weekend! Especially with all that mud! I wish I had a weekly group run to hook up with. That sounds like a lot of fun!


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