Race Jitters and Goals


‘Tis the night before race day… and I still have no idea what I want out of it. I guess that’s becoming a trend with me. I think I’ll just wake up tomorrow and see how I feel, and that will kinda determine the time that I go for.

Unfortunately, this is going to be the weather:

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.13.17 AM

I don’t run too well in the cold, and I still haven’t even figured out what I’m wearing. I feel pretty unprepared. Lizzy will be running this as well, so I was thinking I’d run the first half with her (she’s planning on taking it slow since she’s still recovering from LA), then reassess, and either stay with her or pick it up (or slow it down if I need to).

These are my goals for the race:

If it’s a great day – Go for a sub 1:55 (8:40ish pace)

If it’s an good day – Try to hit around what I did for A1A (8:55ish pace)

If it’s just a day – Just have fun!

These goals seem reasonable, and I think I could certainly go for the sub-1:55, if my mind is in the game. Unfortunately, my mind has not really been with it. Work is driving me crazy and I have been having troubles sleeping. Hopefully some race day excitement will help calm my mind of my work problems…

Elly has been taking great care of me, though!

I really have the best cat in the world.
I really have the best cat in the world.

I should have a pretty good cheering squad out there (my husband and a few friends), so I am excited about that. Also, a bunch of my bio students are banditing the race (I know, banditing is bad, but I think it is expected at this race and I was pretty excited that they would be there). It’s also going to be a big help to have Lizzy at the starting line with me. Wish me luck!

So, seriously, what should I wear? 

7 thoughts on “Race Jitters and Goals

  1. Have fun! So awesome Lizzy will also be there and you can run together! Your goals seem great and I’m sure you can nab that sub-1:55! As for what to wear, I always run cold, so I tend to overdress. Sucks during a race!


    1. Yeah, I kinda wish the weather was a bit warmer. Like 10 degrees would make a huge difference. Also, it’s flurrying as we speak…

      Thanks for the suggestion. I tend to run cold too.


  2. Good luck!! I’m sure you will do great. I would wear tights, gloves, a hat or something to cover your ears, and a couple of long sleeved layers. I have a running jacket that is designed for winter (lightweight but still warm) and it works great for sub-30 temps. Anything above 30 and I just wear a couple of tech layers. It doesn’t sound like a lot but believe me, you will warm up a lot faster than you think. Way more runners overdress than underdress for races.

    I think you are definitely capable of a great time, but listen to your body and if you aren’t feeling it, don’t push it. There will be other races and you’ll get that sub-1:55 before you know it! It will be very impressive if you do!! Last Spring/summer I ran 3 half marathons in 3 months and I was only able to improve my time by less than two minutes, which was really frustrating. It is deceptively hard to improve a half marathon time in only 2-3 months – you really have to have one of those days where all the stars align. So my best advice for your sub-1:55 is: race smart and steady in the first half and if you’re feeling good, don’t be afraid to push outside your comfort zone in the second half. That’s what races are for! This quote sums it up pretty well: “In the first half of the race, don’t be an idiot; in the second half, don’t be a wuss.”

    GOOD LUCK!!! I’ll be rooting for you!!


    1. I always have trouble not being a wuss at the end. I get to a comfortable pace and just stick to it. Maybe now that I have a race under my belt I can take some chances and just push the second half a little more than I did before.

      I was actually thinking capris, but I think I might just go with the tights. It’s so cold! I can’t wait until summer.


      1. Capris might work too! Think of it this way: even if you do the first three miles 20 seconds slower than goal pace (9:00), you are only 1 minute behind with 10 miles and plenty of stored energy to make up for it. Try to spend the last few miles of a race “hooking” runners ahead of you and focusing on trying to pass them. It takes your mind off pace/miles remaining AND it gives you a boost to run a little faster. It’s hard to push outside your comfort zone (but only if you’re feeling okay!) but it will be so worth it in the end. You can do this!!! 🙂


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