Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3!!!

Was anyone else glued to the internet yesterday checking the Western States Endurance Run results? I totally was. I was so happy to see Kaci Licktieg pull out a second place spot. She was pretty far back there when I went to sleep and she must have dug deep at the end. Magda Boulet won the woman’s race with a crazy impressive time of 19:05:21. Such an awesome race… maybe one day I’ll run it. 😉

I had a pretty great training week, despite all of my traveling. I really focused on broadening my paces by making my fast miles faster, and some of my slowest miles even slower. It worked too! I ran miles at 7:30 min/mi and I ran miles in the high 10’s. Doing this helped make 29 miles this week feel not too bad on my legs.

Monday: 5.2 mile Tempo at Marathon Pace (9:00 min/mi)

This was a pretty straight forward tempo run. I felt really comfortable the entire time, even though it was like 90 degrees out with like 100% humidity (I was in Florida). Overall a good workout.

Tuesday: 4.5 miles – no idea what pace because my Garmin was being crazy

I went out for a run that I was hoping to keep at like a 9:30-9:45 pace. However, my Garmin suddenly started reading numbers like 3:15 min/mi and told me that I ran a sub 6 mile (which I did not). It felt like an easy run, so we’ll just call it that.

Wednesday: Lots of Yoga and rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Mile Repeats (6 miles at 9:05 with warm up and cool down)

This was a crazy fun workout. I flew back to Kansas and had a few hours between when I had to go get Frank from the airport. He was flying back from Boston. I decided to go to a park and just get some fast miles in. I warmed up for a mile and kept it very slow and then did mile repeats with a 2-minute rest in between. These were my times: 7:31, 7:58, 8:08, 8:13. I know, I was getting slower and slower, but I was ok with that. I was tired from the flight and I probably took that first mile a little too quick (I was trying to stay close to an 8:00 pace). I cooled down for a mile, but this was a fun workout!

Nice spot for some mile repeats.
Nice spot for some mile repeats.

Saturday: 3.3 Miles at 9:46 min/mi

This was a recovery run, and it should have been slower. I felt like I had to hold myself back the entire time. I could have been going way faster and still felt good, but I kept reminding myself that I had a long run in the morning. I would occasionally look at my watch and see the time creeping down and I would immediately back off. I gotta say, I was thrilled to feel like that after my workout the day before.

Pretty flowers on my run.
Pretty flowers on my run.

Sunday: 10 mile LSD 9:59 min/mi

What a great long run! I got myself out pretty early in the morning while it was still pleasant. I tried to keep myself as close to 10 min/mi as I could (about a minute slower than my projected marathon pace). Honestly, it felt pretty easy. The whole time I was thinking about Chicago, and how I could keep this pace up forever. I think it also dawned on me, during this run, that I am actually training for a marathon… which is pretty exciting, and scary. I hope all of my future long runs are like this one. Afterwards, I went hiking with Frank, so I think I have about 20 miles on my legs today and I’m pretty tired.

Out on our hike.
Out on our hike.

Total: 29 miles!

Next week is the first 30 mile + week. It will be the furthest I’ve ever ran in a single week, and will also have a 12 mile long run in there! It’s getting pretty real over here!

104 days until the Chicago Marathon!!!!

How was your week? Anything exciting?

13 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3!!!

  1. I was definitely watching! Between USATF this weekend AND Western States, I was a busy fangirl, haha. This is a great week! And oof, that heat and humidity! Way to push through it all!


  2. Yes to western states! I love that iRunFar coverage has really expanded in the last couple of years with live feeds from multiple places on the course. I mostly just hit refresh a million times on their Twitter feed though. Rob Krar … the man is a WS beast! He could rival Scott someday for most wins since he seems to just thrive on the second half of the course!

    Awesome job on your long run! I’m counting down the days to Chicago with you!


    1. I was secretly rooting against Rob Krar because I don’t want him to beat Scott’s record for most wins. Haha. You know how much I love Scott.

      Chicago is just coming up WAY TOO SOON!


    1. My husband is pretty relentless when it comes to going hiking… so even though I was pretty tired from my long run, he wanted me to go hiking with him. My legs felt like jello afterwards.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice job this week! You are really killing it! I ❤ mile repeats, one of my favorite workouts! Don't worry so much about the split progression now – as you practice them more throughout training you will naturally get better at pacing them.

    You are more badass than I, doing a hike after a long run!


  4. So upset I missed Western States, but I did catch up on it this week. Very nice place to get those mile repeats in.


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