Two weeks of great training

I know that I did not post a recap of my training last week, so I’ll go ahead and add it to this one. These past two weeks have been wonderful! I’ve finally gotten back to consistent running and without ankle pain. I certainly wouldn’t call it 100%, since I doubt I could run on trail, but I’m getting there. I managed two long runs (one was 6.4 miles and the other was 8 miles), along with some shorter and quicker runs. I have also been practicing yoga and doing core work every day. I do have some pretty lofty goals for the A1A Half, so it’s important that I get my running base back.

Week of Oct 26-Nov 1

M: Rest
T: 3.1 miles at 8:55/mi with running group
W: 3.2 miles at 9:18/mi
T: 3.3 miles at 9:00/mi
F: Rest
S: Biked 15 miles along Native Stone Scenic Byway
S: 6.4 mile long run at 9:23/mi

I thought this was a great week back. I kept the mileage low at 16.2 miles. It was nice to be out again running and I felt surprisingly strong. I wanted to keep the mileage low to kinda test out the waters a bit. I promised myself that if I felt any pain, I would just back off and skip a day or so. Luckily, that didn’t happen and I managed to stay consistent!

The bike ride was beautiful!

Frank and I at the top of a hill on our ride. Perfect day for it!
Frank and I at the top of a hill on our ride. Perfect day for it!

I also got to dress up as Tim Tebow for Halloween to support my Gators!

Go Gators!
Go Gators!

Last week

M: Rest
T: 3.8 miles at 8:57/mi with run group
W: 3.5 at 9:43/mi with Frank
T: 4.5 at 8:42/mi
F: 3.5 at 9:38/mi with Frank
S: 8-mile long run at 9:20/mi
S: 27-mile bike ride

I ran about 24 miles last week and it was the first time in a while that I actually felt like a runner. The weather has been perfect and all of my runs felt great. I ran my long run as a progression run, with each mile about 10 seconds faster than the one before.


On Sunday, four of us went for a ride along the Flint Hills Nature Trail that runs about 60 miles through Kansas. We had a few bike mishaps, and I had to herd a calf back about a half-mile that had gotten lost on the trail.

Back to the car after 27 miles. I was pretty happy to be back.
Back to the car after 27 miles. I was pretty happy to be back.

These two weeks have been great! I’m starting to feel more confident again. I have some big goals in the spring, and I think these next few weeks are important in making sure these goals happen. I’ll post about these goals once I’m ready…

This week I am doing a lot of traveling and running will be pretty hard to get done. I’m heading to Fort Lauderdale for the Yoga Journal Conference with my mom and I’m pretty excited!

How have you been these past two weeks? What are your goal races for the spring?

13 thoughts on “Two weeks of great training

  1. Yay! Glad you’re able to run pain free and are feeling confident in your running again and racking up those miles!! From your pics it looks like you are having so much fun – did you get a hair cut??

    Love the Tim Tebow costume, lol. Have you decided whether you’re going to do the Spring marathon? Or not ready to say yet?


    1. I did get a haircut. Chopped it all off. I kinda love having short hair.

      I have decided on a spring marathon, but I have not signed up yet. I’m still planning on doing Colfax. I’ve just been scared that I’m going to get injured again, so I’ve hesitated signing up and making a big deal of the race. I think if all feels well in December, I’m going to go ahead and sign up.


  2. Yay for feeling good again! I’m sure it’s been super frustrating to be dealing with a persistent injury for the last few months. I’m looking forward to reading about the 2016 races you have planned! You’ll be running Chicago, right?


    1. Yeah, it has been frustrating, but I’m glad I took the time off. I’m sure if I had tried to run on a bum foot, I wouldn’t be back on the saddle now.

      I am running Chicago. I’m also registered for A1A in Feb and Rocky Mountain in August. I have not registered yet, but I am shooting for the Colfax Marathon in May. I’m afraid to register until I’m 100% sure this injury is not coming back.


  3. The past two weeks have been a little light for me running wise, balancing school, work, and training is a very good act. I’ve been able to not skip any planned runs, but I haven’t been able to run as much as I would like. I’m very excited to run my first half marathon in January though!


    1. Life gets in the way sometimes. I’m sure with the holidays that I wont be able to run as much as I would like either. Good luck on your first half. That’s really exciting! Half marathons are so much fun.


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