Colfax Training Week 1: Strong Start

I finished my first week of training for the Colfax Marathon, and things went great, despite the rather frigid temperatures and icy conditions. I took it slow, but getting back to higher mileage feels good. A few of my friends in Manhattan have been training with me and holding me accountable to my mileage as I start to get my fitness back. I began the week kinda feeling like I had lost a lot of fitness by taking time off, but I ended the week with a few solid runs and a bunch more confidence.


Tuesday: Yoga + 3.1 miles at easy pace

I went out with the local running group in the afternoon for an easy paced run. I was definitely suffering more than I should at the pace we went, but that may have been the cold. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to do well in cold temperatures. I did some gentle yoga on my own but added a little core work at the end with inversions.

Wednesday: Yoga + 4.0 miles with fast finish

I started the day with a pretty basic vinyasa practice on my own before going out to teach at Meadowlark Hills where I teach yoga and fitness to people with Parkinson’s Disease. It’s pretty much the most fun job! In an afternoon class, one of my favorite students walked for the first time in 3 years (Go Jo!). We were both crazy excited, and we’ll be trying that out again this week. In the afternoon, I went for a run and finished with the last mile at half marathon pace. It felt good to go a little faster.

Thursday: Yoga + 5.0 miles at marathon pace

I took a morning yoga class and in the evening a few friends came over to go running. We kept it just under 9:00/mi, which I think is close to my marathon pace. This run went perfect! We ran each mile a little faster than the one before and finished with lots more gas in the tank. It’s great to have runs like these to bring up my confidence.

Friday: Yoga + 4.1 at easy pace

I took another morning yoga class that left me feeling a little sore for the rest of the day. Since I had been running for 4 days in a row, and doing tons of yoga, I figured an easy run was in order. Frank came out with me on his bike and we went around looking at houses that are up for rent (we are looking for a new place).

Saturday: Hiked 15 miles at Tallgrass Prairie

A group of us went out for a long hike at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. It’s a beautiful place with about 40 miles of trails. We wanted to make sure we hit some of the harder to get to spots of the park, so we embarked on a 15 mile hike in 6 degree weather (at least the sun came out). I got a blister on my foot, but besides that it was crazy awesome!

The grass and hills go on forever!

Sunday: Long run got pushed back until next day due to ice and below 0 temps (do you blame me?). Kansas doesn’t salt the sidewalks or roads, so the conditions were rather treacherous. I did go to Ikea, though!

Monday: 8.1 LSD with last mile at MP

This run went as every long run should. I started slow and finished strong. Frank and Zeb came out to do 5 miles with me and I finished 3 more. It was cold out, but I stayed steady and strong. Let’s hope all of my long runs this cycle go this well! After my run, Elly was being super affectionate, so I snapped this little gem:

Elly is perfect.

This was a solid week, and I needed it to kick off my training for Colfax. I do have A1A coming up in a few weeks, and I feel a lot more prepared for that than I thought I was. I’m super excited to up my mileage this week and keep on with this momentum.

This week:

T: 3 miles easy

W: 5 miles with hill work

Th: 3 miles easy

F: 5 miles @ MP

S: Rest

S: 10 miles LSD

How has your training been? Have the temps been cold by you? If they are, hopefully your state is better at salting and plowing than Kansas.

12 thoughts on “Colfax Training Week 1: Strong Start

    1. Hardly any at all, actually. The Rocky Mountains keep this area dry. But the temperatures get so frigid… and then the wind. Kansas can be pretty miserable sometimes. It makes me miss Florida.


  1. Great week Kerry! I love that you teach a yoga class for Parkinson’s! That must be so rewarding and fulfilling. Glad to see that you are on the upswing and having lots of confidence boosting workouts. Those are the best. It’s been suuuuuuper cold here, so I’ve been doing a lot of my workouts at the gym. Hopefully it warms up a little, now that I won’t be doing as much track work I’d like to be outside more!


    1. It is! I teach a bunch of classes for Parkinson’s including boxing, yoga, and general fitness. It is an incredibly fulfilling job and I love it.

      I’m sorry that it’s so cold there. Winter sucks!


  2. Oh my goodness your kitty cat ❤ Love love love!!! You had a great week, and dude. I'd be pushing my long run back for zero degrees or taking it to the dreadmill! That is FRIGID. I'm loving all of the yoga I'm seeing in your schedule, especially that you teach one for those with Parkinsons. That is so freaking awesome! YOU are awesome!


  3. The family of the little girl that I run for lives in Kansas and her mom was telling me how crazy cold it gets there. I had no idea! Great job on a fantastic week! We’ve had no snow here so far, but apparently that’s all going to change this weekend. (Not looking forward to it.)


  4. Great week. It’s always a huge confidence booster when you have solid training weeks and everything is clicking. The classes you teach for Parkinson’s is such an inspiration, wow. My training is going good, solid half on sunday, 5 weeks til the marathon.


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