Hills and Hills and Hills

I love hills, mountains… any topography really. I think that’s from growing up in Florida where the highest peak is a garbage dump. It’s to no one’s surprise that my favorite running workout is hill repeats! In fact, my favorite thing about living in Kansas is the ability to drive out to Colorado any time I want (including this weekend!). I’m pretty sure that I would ditch running on roads for the mountains if I lived out there.

Frank and I with a few of our friends in Colorado. I love it out there!

Yesterday, I had a date with my favorite hill in town. It’s on Colorado Street, which I think is homage it’s steepness and height, at least compared to other hills in Kansas. I took my new runner friend, Zeb, along… because well… apparently he’s looking to get the whole runner experience! Hopefully this workout didn’t turn him off too much.

As I was getting ready, Elly was seriously giving me some stink eye. Maybe she just didn’t want me to leave for my run.


I warmed up about a mile and a half, and then I met up with Zeb at the base of the hill. My goal: to run up and down 6-8 times, basically until I tired out. We made it to the top and the view of town was worth it!

Of course… a selfie from the top!

After a few goes on that hill, we ran around the neighborhood looking for a few other hills. Zeb cursed me here and there for taking him on this run… but to my defense, I did warn him that it wasn’t going to be easy.

After we finished up, I ran the mile home to cool down and had some tea from my favorite cat lover’s cup!

This was a gift from my mom. She knows that I’m a crazy cat lady. 🙂


Oh and this was the elevation profile of the run, not bad for Kansas, right?

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.17.20 AM
There was about 700 feet of elevation gain.

What’s your favorite kind of workout? Do you share my love of the mountains and hills?

12 thoughts on “Hills and Hills and Hills

  1. Nice job! Ha, I saw on Strava that we both did a hill repeats workout yesterday and had almost the exact same distance (actually I believe you beat me by .1!). I guess great minds think alike! I prefer flatter terrain myself. Well, I love mountains but I’d rather just hike them 🙂


    1. I saw that we both did hills! I think Zeb was with you on the wanting to hike them. He kept yelling to me that he was going to have a heart attack (he’s 26 and healthy, so no he’s not). I’m not sure if I’ll have any more company for hill repeats. Haha!


  2. Awww Elly, she wanted you to stay home and cuddle. It kills me when I sit down to put on my running shoes and Cecil takes it as an invite to come and lay on my lap! 😀

    That elevation profile is so varied! Mine is a totally flat line! haha


    1. I have to work pretty hard to get an elevation profile like that. Kansas is typically pretty flat.

      Elly is so hard to please unless I am just sitting on the couch waiting to be a warm lap for her. I do feel pretty bad when I’m about to leave and she gets really needy.


  3. My favorite kinds of hills are the ones in Colorado! I hope you have a great time there this weekend! But hey you did a good job of finding a couple hills in Kansas! 🙂

    PA is very hilly. It is impossible to do a long run around here without hitting some hills!


    1. Kansas is definitely the hilliest place I’ve ever lived. I’d have to use a treadmill in Florida to get that kind of elevation gain.

      I can’t wait to get to Co! We’re gonna go snow shoeing in Rocky Mountain NP.


    1. That hill was a total beast! There is nothing hilly in south Florida. Gainesville had a few good spots, but I guess the best way to get hills in Florida is on a treadmill.


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