Colfax Marathon Week 15: Peak Week

Yesterday I posted our crazy weekend of climbing, hiking, backpacking, and tornados (yay, Kansas). In addition to our awesome trip, I was in the peak of my marathon training. Peak week could not have gone better. I really feel like I had bounced off the confidence gained from my race and that sent me into last week with a good head and a lot of excitement. I can honestly say that I have tried my very hardest and have done everything that I can to be ready heading into my first marathon.

Elly is also trying her very hardest training for the sleep-a-thon.

This cat sleeps like 20 hours per day.

This was my week

Monday: 8 miles – easy pace + Yoga

Tuesday: 8 miles w/ 3 x 2 mile repeats + Yoga

Wednesday: 3 miles – recovery pace + Yoga

Thursday: 20 miles LSD + Yoga

Friday: REST DAY! Lots of climbing though

Saturday: 6 miles – recovery pace + Climbing

Sunday: 10 miles at Goal MP + Hiking

Total Miles: 55.1 YEAH!

This was my highest mileage ever! I wasn’t sure during the beginning of the week if I would actually hit 55 miles, but I took it day by day and kept warm up, recovery, and cool down miles REALLY REALLY SLOW! It worked and I made it to the other side with no pain and no injuries. I also made my yoga practice a serious priority and stepped it up a notch. For a few weeks, I’ve been keeping yoga very chill and easy. I decided to go to a few more advanced level classes. Honestly, it kind of helped. I didn’t do any inversions or crazy arm balances, but moving a lot and breaking a sweat definitely helped keep my muscles limber.

I definitely struggled with the 3 x 2 mile repeats. I took them a little too fast and suffered because of it. But all three were EXACTLY 16:30, so not bad. I was proud of the consistency but not so proud of the amount of suffering that I did during the workout. I was still a little sore from the race, so I’ll blame it on that.

The 20-miler definitely weighed heavy on my mind all week, but once I finally did it, honestly, it was not so bad. It was a little slower than my first 20-miler, but mentally, I was a lot more ready. I took the last 5 miles at race pace, but had a moment where I crashed a little and had to stop to drink water. It was pretty warm out, and I may have been a little dehydrated.

My goal MP tempo run was done in Springfield, Mo on the way home from Arkansas. I went along the Greenline trail that runs north-south straight through town. The wind was blowing and it was 85 degrees out, but I still managed to hold on to race pace (with a water break in the middle). There were definitely some difficulties running this, but I was pretty happy to be done. Honestly, the last mile almost brought me to tears, knowing that I made it to the taper, healthy and strong.

So… I did it. I made it to the taper and I did it without injury. This has not been easy, but regardless of how Colfax goes, I am proud of this training cycle. I am so happy and thankful that my body held up. So, during miles 20-26.2, when I want to quit, I am going to remind myself of the hard work I put into this cycle and I am going to be thankful for what my body is capable of right now.

The countdown is on… 19 days until Colfax.

21 thoughts on “Colfax Marathon Week 15: Peak Week

  1. Great job and congrats on making it to taper!! It really is a great feeling. You worked really hard this training cycle and have a lot to be proud of. There were some bumps in the road but those are what make it worth it – without them crossing the finish line wouldn’t be so satisfying. You’ve done a great job and I have no doubt you will rock Colfax and beat Sarah Palin 😉


    1. Thanks! I hope I beat Sarah Palin! I imagine I’ll be thinking about her in those last few miles. Haha! Good luck to you on your race this weekend! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. Go kick some butt out there!


  2. Well done Peewee!! You are going to kick Colfax’s ass. I’m so proud of you I could scream or maybe take you to Europe. 🙂 I love you.


  3. “This cat sleeps like 20 hours per day” said every cat parent ever :D! Elly is soo adorable!

    What a peak week! What a training cycle! I’m seriously so impressed and really excited for you. Enjoy your taper!


    1. Thanks! I’m already going a little taper mad. Luckily, when I’m feeling particularly nuts, Elly comes and sits on my lap, which makes it all better. Cats are such perfect creatures.


  4. AWESOME! Congrats on peak week being OVER and making it to taper with zero injuries. In my book, you already won. 🙂 So I read Hanna’s comment.. is Palin running Colfax or is it one she has already done??


    1. No. Palin ran a 3:59:59 and I am looking to crack the 4:00:00 mark… so we keep joking that I need to beat Palin’s time. If she is running Colfax, I’ll find her and trip her. 🙂


  5. 20 miles with the last 5 at RP? Crazy talk!

    Congrats on surviving your peak week. This was supposed to be mine, at about half the mileage, which is appropriate since I’m only running half the distance, but then I got sick.

    It really sounds like you’ve got this!


      1. Thanks, Kerry. I do feel better, but I know that I need to keep my mileage to a reasonable level (taper starts next week) — I’m also worried about relapsing if I do too much. 😦


  6. AMAZING PEAK WEEK! I almost can’t read the rest of the post when you put Elly in first because I just keep scrolling back up and looking at her cuteness. That snuggly fayce ❤

    I do exactly what you said when my training volume gets high: one day at a time. You can't worry about tomorrow's run, or even the next MILE for that matter – one mile at a time. And before you know it, it's over. I always say, "this too shall pass". You trained hard and smart – can't wait for you to run Colfax.


    1. I know… She’s perfect. I have a hard time getting anything done at home because she is so cute and I just want to hug her.

      It’s impossible to wrap my head around that kind of mileage, so I just have to take it one day at a time.


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