Getting My Confidence Back

I know that I have not blogged in a while… Really, I’ve been feeling down in the dumps about running and figured I was having the training cycle from Hell. I had tons of aches and pains, confidence issues, and just generally didn’t feel up to running. It all culminated in me straining my hamstring while teaching a workout class. I took 4 days off of running and figured I had ruined any chance of a PR at the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon and of course, any chance of a 3:45 at Chicago. Up to this point, I had only ever run a 1:51 half marathon, which does not indicate that a 3:45 marathon is possible.

So, I decided to run at Rocky Mountain anyways. I figured that Colorado had always been good to me. I tend to kick butt at altitude (weird, I know), and the scenery is great, so if I bombed the half, I could just enjoy looking up at Longs Peak. There was a 5K the night before the half, so I was going to just use it as a shake out run and hope for the best the next day.

I am going to write up two separate reports, but I’ll give away the ending now. I placed 2nd in the 5K, winning myself a National Parks Pass, and I had a 4-minute PR in the half, bringing my time to 1:47:29. I don’t know who I was this weekend, but I hope that runner shows up in Chicago. I now have a half marathon time that is comparable to a 3:43 in the marathon. I feel a lot more confident and comfortable heading into the rest of my training. Honestly, it was an amazing weekend and I think the confidence gained from this will help propel me to Chicago in October.

So, what now? I guess I just keep going. Despite the time off, I am going to jump right back into my marathon training with the same 3:45 goal. I have not decided if the Hanson’s plan is totally for me and may deviate from it a bit as the weeks go on. The structured-ness of the plan does not really play to my strong suits and can, at times, leave me with a lot of confidence problems if a run does not go as well as it should.

I’m working on my race recaps, but for now, I’ll leave you with a picture of my medals as proof of my best running weekend ever.

Any time I doubt myself, I’ll need to turn to this picture.

12 thoughts on “Getting My Confidence Back

    1. Yeah, it’s hard when it’s a string of bad training runs. It had actually become bad training weeks and I was getting worried and frustrated. I’m glad that things are starting to look a little better.


  1. Congrats Kerry!! Awesome job this weekend – all your hard work is really paying off! I have been following you on Strava and I just knew you would PR this weekend. Even if your running has been in a slump lately, you’re still putting in the work, and don’t forget that the base you built up from Colfax is still there – it didn’t just go away once you finished the race!

    Sometimes that confidence boosting race is all we need. Summer has been rough on all of us so I totally get where you’re coming from. Running has been difficult for me lately too. Hang in there, you will crush Chicago!


    1. I was getting ready to just run Chicago as a fun run. My tempo runs were terrible, and pretty much everything was not going to plan. I think a lot of it was the heat (that hasn’t gone away yet), but I think if I just don’t let less than ideal training runs get me down, I should be good heading in to Chicago…


  2. CONGRATS!!! What a confidence booster–and exactly what you/we need to get us back in the game. My recent 1/2 PR (1:48:04) is what got me to believe that I could do a 3:45-50 at NYC. I struggle with my confidence still, but then I remember that half marathon and it helps. Go back to that race in your training!! It’ll help!!


    1. Yeah, a 8:35/mi pace still sounds fast to me for a marathon. But this half kind of said something different. I’m definitely feeling a lot better, but I am still a little concerned that this goal may be a little too aggressive.


  3. I always have time goals, but I’m realistic too. So as long as they don’t run out of water and I don’t get injured, I call it a good race!

    That weekend didn’t come out of nowhere — it just takes time for training to catch up with us,sometimes. Congrats!


    1. It really felt out of nowhere, especially with how things were going heading into the race. I really felt like it was going to be a real crappy race. I gotta say though, it is easy to get inspired out there and run harder. Haha!

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  4. Holy sheet Kerry! I knew things turned out well but still fun to read about and see all those medals! I am so glad things seem to be back on track for you. Reading this motivated me to really sort out my own problems. I am VERY MUCH suffering from lack of confidence with Hansons. I hit the paces but none of the runs ever seem to get any easier…


    1. Oh, I could write like a book about this. I have really bad impostor syndrome, so when training is going bad, I start to feel like all of my good runs were just flukes and that I don’t really deserve those times and that they are not a representation of my overall fitness. I really feel like the Hanson’s plan has allowed that to take off on me and has caused an overall lack of motivation. I’m still not 100% sure that I’m over it yet.

      I hope you start to feel more confident. I think a 3:25 marathon is very doable for you, but maybe the Hanson’s plan is not the way for you to achieve that. I hope things work out however you want them to. 🙂


  5. Congratulations on a great weekend of running! Summer running is hard work, but hopefully these races will give you enough of a confidence boost to make it through to the cooler weather this fall (which makes every run feel so much easier).


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