Training Update: Not the best of weeks….

Well, this week was really kind of a crappy one. I slipped and fell on some ice (and tore up my knees) and I got sick. Hopefully I can get better and pick it back up this coming week.

Yep! That's how I'm feeling!
Yep! That’s how I’m feeling!

Monday: Rest!

Tuesday: Intervals for 37 minutes (4.1 miles)
I went out after work, but I was feeling a little weirdly tired. I kinda choked it up to the cold, but while I was out, I developed a pretty nasty headache. Both my husband and my roommate were sick, so I was likely starting to come down with what they had, but was in denial. I kept trying to run hard, but was slowing down each interval. I got home pretty exhausted, ate a little and passed out for like an hour.

Wednesday: 30 minute Foundation Run (3.4 miles) + Yoga
Wednesdays are my group run day. We met at the local run store, and left for an approximately 5k route. Adidas was there to demo their new fancy shoes, which I tried on. I’ve been having a lot of blister and toe nail issues, so I’ve been looking for new shoes. I have unusually narrow feet (I measure as a 3A), so finding shoes can be quite a challenge. The shoes were comfortable, but I kinda felt like I was running on pillows. Also, they didn’t come in narrow sizes, so that ruled them out.

Adidas Boost....kinda feels like running on pillows. Not sure how that would work out on a long run.
Adidas Boost….kinda feels like running on pillows. Not sure how that would work out on a long run.

Thursday: Rest + got new shoes!
I was still feeling a little funny, so I took a rest day. I did, however, finally get myself a much needed new pair of shoes. I got a pair of Saucony Ride 7’s in an 8.5 Narrow! Hopefully I stop having such terrible blisters!

Please please please... no more blisters!!
Please please please… no more blisters!!

Friday: Yoga + Attempt at Kristina’s Virtual 10K… instead, I fell flat on some ice (4.6 miles)
Friday was the worst… I set out (in my brand new shoes) to run Kristina’s Virtual 10K for Team Paws. It was sunny out, and a relatively warm 18 degrees (better than the -18 last week). I was feeling good, so I went out pretty strong. My first mile was 7:38, which was a record on my Garmin, and I was feeling strong through the 5K mark. I stopped for a sec to take a picture and continued on. Then, at just before mile 4, I slid on some ice and landed right on my knees. I was in a ton of pain and was worried I had broken something. I then pulled out my phone to call my husband (by this point I was sitting on the ground crying), and of course it dies because of the cold. I had to drag my sorry butt up and run/limp to the local food co-op where a few of my friends work. I came in, crying with ripped up pants (I’m sure they thought I was nuts) and asked to use the phone. Frank came within minutes to pick me up. I was pretty bummed. Not only did my knees feel like someone went to town on them with a hammer, but I had ripped my favorite run tights AND I was totally about to PR on the 10K.

Looking at this picture, I guess I should have been running on the road. The sidewalk does look real icy.
Looking at this picture, I guess I should have been running on the road. The sidewalk does look real icy.

Saturday: Hiking/Rest/Taught Yoga/Spent the day with painful knees
Went hiking with the South Bend Adventure Club to see Lake Michigan’s beautiful ice. I was inwardly still pretty angry at winter for my fall the day before.

This is a lighthouse covered in ice. Pretty cool!
This is a lighthouse covered in ice. Pretty cool!

Sunday: Rest…
I figured I might have to rest my knees and not run, or shorten my run on Sunday. Instead, I woke up with a rather nasty cold. So… no running for me.

My total milage for the week was 12.1. Oh well…. I’m gonna sleep a lot and hopefully be back to my usual self next week.

If I’m feeling better this coming week will look something like this:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Intervals
Wednesday: Foundation Run
Thursday: Recovery Run
Friday: Tempo
Saturday: Hiking
Sunday: 14 mile Long run

Northerners, have you ever had a bad fall on the ice on a run? Anyone else have trouble finding shoes that don’t cause blisters? 

6 thoughts on “Training Update: Not the best of weeks….

    1. The lighthouse was pretty cool, although I am rather tired of winter. Running in the snow can be a lot of fun… but only every once in a while.


  1. Oh no, so sorry you fell! I hope you’re feeling better. You’ll get that 10K again!

    Good luck finding new shoes! Sometimes it just takes a while before you find the right ones. I know that often times it’s the socks that are the culprit, too.


    1. I used to be a different shoe size before I had an injury to my foot. Afterwards, I was a half size larger, which has totally screwed up my entire shoe collection. I have kinda gone through life with bad blisters, while assuming that everyone had them. I showed my feet to someone at the running store and she was horrified. Haha. Now I’m on the warpath to get rid of these blisters.


  2. Ughhhhh noooooo I’m so sorry you fell. 😦 I hope your knees are feeling better today (and that overall you are feeling better too). Adidas must have been making a big push all weekend; they were demo’ing the Boosts in my local running store too! I already run in Boost 2 and Boost Adizero so I’m a fan. 🙂 Congratulations on the new shoes too!


    1. Thanks! My knees are much better today, but unfortunately, I woke up with a rather bad cough. I’m hoping to just rest, eat well, and let it pass quickly.


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