Oh man… I saw something cute on a run!!!!

Last week, with the stress of work and moving, I decided to listen to my body and take a break from running for a week. I was having persistent lower back pain and some weird spots in my right foot. I concentrated hard on my yoga practice, and after a few days, I think I yoga-ed my way out of pain. Needless to say, I think I needed a little rest. But I am feeling 100% again and I am back to it!

Last night I ran 5 miles with my run group, and it felt amazing! I was glad to be back in my shoes. I took it pretty slow (9 min pace), but my back felt great.
The crew came out for another good run!
The crew came out for another good run!
I decided to go out again this morning because we have some bad weather rolling in, and I figured it would be a gamble if I tried to run after work.
Cause... you know... if it's not snow, it's like tornados or something around here.
Cause… you know… if it’s not snow, it’s like tornados or something around here.
AND GUESS WHAT!!! I SAW A RIVER OTTER!!! Like….a real river otter on the St. Joe River. I freaked out and watched it for a while before finishing up and heading home.
That little bump on the log isn't just anything... THAT'S A RIVER OTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
That little bump on the log isn’t just anything… THAT’S A RIVER OTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a bit of a gloomy day, but it was still a pretty one.
It was a bit of a gloomy day, but it was still a pretty one.

Anyways, I am glad to be back, and I’m ready to start training for the Hospital Hill Half next week (it’s only 58 days away!!!!) with some speed work and hill repeats!

What are you training for? Have you seen any cute and cuddly animals on your runs?

10 thoughts on “Oh man… I saw something cute on a run!!!!

  1. Aww, I just love when I see fun stuff on my run! I’ve run by some deer before but never anything more fun than that. I was afraid the deer were going to start chasing me, lol.


    1. This was definitely the most fun thing I’ve seen. Once I had a goose chase me (it was trying to kill me), and that was probably the most exciting thing I’d seen before this.


  2. Awwww I’ve never seen anything that adorable! I love it!
    I see a lot of deer on my run and the occasional fox. And then I also see vultures sometimes which is just gross and kind of ironic especially if I’m way late into a long run and feeling a little out of it haha.


    1. I ran up in Alaska when I was doing field work and saw some cool stuff. This was the coolest I’ve seen while in South Bend, though. River otters are pretty cute little beings.


  3. How cute! I’m a sucker for otters. I did a report on them in like 9th grade or something and I’m still in love! Way to listen to your body! And hooray for training! I’m starting to figure out a training schedule for a 27k in June!


    1. I know! I love otters so much. I’m pretty sure I was freaking out a lot over seeing it, no one else around cared much. Haha.

      Good luck on your 27K training! I’m sure you’ll rock it.


  4. AW that otter is so cute! Last week on my run I saw two turtles laying out in the sun on a log in the lake.. but they may have been snapping turtles. They were huge… not quite as cute as an otter lol.


    1. Turtles are pretty awesome too! I was pretty excited to see the otter. I’ve definitely never seen something that cool on a run in Northern Indiana.


    1. Haha. I see alligators on my runs in Florida… and lots of birds. Nothing else though. Otters are pretty much the cutest, though. They rank close to my cat, but not quite!


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