Friday 5 Linkup: My FIVE Half Marathons

I’ve never done a Friday 5, but I figured I’d give it a shot this week. Mar on the Run, Eat Pray Run, and You Signed Up for What?! host a weekly linkup that anyone can join in on. This week is a freebe, so I can post on a topic of my choosing. MyContinue reading “Friday 5 Linkup: My FIVE Half Marathons”

Hospital Hill Half Marathon Race Recap

There was one word to describe the Hospital Hill Run: Hilly. Oh boy was it hilly. I can confidently say that this race was the hardest one that I’ve done. No, I did not PR. In fact, this was my slowest half marathon that I’ve run… and that is totally okay. In fact, I amContinue reading “Hospital Hill Half Marathon Race Recap”

Help! This taper is killing me!

I have the taper crazies… So bare with this crazy person post. Saturday is my big race and I am not ready, like at all. I hope that is just the taper crazies talking, but my running has been TERRIBLE lately. I struggle to finish runs, my long runs feel like a battle, and IContinue reading “Help! This taper is killing me!”

Some moving, some training, and lots of pictures!

Guess what! I have a furnished apartment! I have a desk, a table, futon, bed… I am a real person with a real place and I love it! I live in a historic building that was a hotel in the 1920’s. My apartment is pretty tiny, but it suits Frank and I (and our twoContinue reading “Some moving, some training, and lots of pictures!”

Training Update: Running Longer!

My training has been all over the place this week! I skipped a run on Tuesday because I had a weird strain in my quad (likely due to sitting for over eight hours EVER SINGLE DAY). However, I really redeemed myself by the end of the week. I was excited about signing up for theContinue reading “Training Update: Running Longer!”

Training Update: Hospital Hill Half training, with a little slacking off

Last week kicked off my training for the Hospital Hill Half Marathon. As you know, I have some lofty goals, so training has been kicked up a notch. However, I’ve already slacked off a bit and skipped my long run (Boooo…) because my mom was in town. I figured that was a good reason toContinue reading “Training Update: Hospital Hill Half training, with a little slacking off”

Hospital Hill, here I come!

I have started training for my next half marathon, which has gotten me to thinking about what my goals are. I am way more confident going into this next half and I’m hoping for a BIG PR. I also realize that it might not be possible… and that’s ok. But I am going to useContinue reading “Hospital Hill, here I come!”

Training Update: Another Nice Relaxing Week

Last week was my final chill week before I start training for the Hospital Hill Half Marathon. It has been nice to run when I want, and not when I don’t, but I am pretty excited to get back to a regular schedule. I’ve had a few aches and pains that I’ve been working through,Continue reading “Training Update: Another Nice Relaxing Week”

Oh man… I saw something cute on a run!!!!

Last week, with the stress of work and moving, I decided to listen to my body and take a break from running for a week. I was having persistent lower back pain and some weird spots in my right foot. I concentrated hard on my yoga practice, and after a few days, I think I yoga-edContinue reading “Oh man… I saw something cute on a run!!!!”

Training Update: Race Week!

I didn’t really do a whole lot of running this week besides the race. Frank and I spent a lot of the week going through our stuff. We’ve already brought two carloads to Goodwill! It feels great to be cleaning stuff out, and I can’t wait to move. I know, Kansas might not sound likeContinue reading “Training Update: Race Week!”