Friday 5 Linkup: My FIVE Half Marathons

I’ve never done a Friday 5, but I figured I’d give it a shot this week. Mar on the Run, Eat Pray Run, and You Signed Up for What?! host a weekly linkup that anyone can join in on. This week is a freebe, so I can post on a topic of my choosing.


My FIVE Half Marathons

1. A1A Half Marathon

I am from Fort Lauderdale, Fl and grew up in Coral Springs. I’ve been living elsewhere for the last 10 years, but I wanted my first half marathon to be in my hometown and on my home beach. It couldn’t have been a better experience! My parents (and in laws) were there to see me cross that finish line on the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale. It was an automatic PR (1:56:46) and it was the race that made me fall in love with the half marathon.

photo 2

I’ll be running this race again on Feb. 14, 2016!!

2. Holy Half Marathon

Running the Holy Half is a bit of a right of passage at Notre Dame. I knew I’d be moving in the summer, so I needed to check that off my bucket list. It was crazy cold out… like in the teens. The race became my next PR (1:56:44), but the cold wore me out a lot. Despite the cold, I still had TONS of fun. Lizzy ran the race with me, and it was tons of fun to race with a friend.

Lizzy and I at the finish of the Holy Half with our medals!
Lizzy and I at the finish of the Holy Half with our medals!

3. Hospital Hill Half Marathon

This was a TOUGH race. There was about 1000 feet of elevation gain throughout the race AND the biggest hill was at mile 10. By the time I got to it, I was beat! I had a ton of fun though. I felt pretty accomplished having completed such a tough course in under 2 hours.


4. Rocky Mountain Half Marathon

This race was a gem! There were crazy amounts of elevation gain, but I was on that day. The course was the most scenic I’ve ever been on, with the beautiful Rocky Mountains as my backdrop. I plugged in, hunkered down and kicked serious butt to get my new PR of 1:51:46. After the race, I hiked up Hallet Peak and to Chasm Lake to be in the Continental Divide Club and the Chasm Lake Club.

Hallett Autumn Classic

I couldn’t have had a better race and I can’t wait to run it again in 2016!

You may have noticed that I have only run 4 half marathons, but this post says 5. Well… that’s because I am running the Kansas City Half Marathon on October 17!

5. Kansas City Half Marathon

This race will be a dry run for the Route 66 Marathon. I’ll be running it right around marathon pace. I’ll be taking it pretty easy, since I don’t want to risk injury before my big day in November. A lot of people from my social running group will be there and it’s relatively close to Manhattan. Should be a fun day to run!

What is your favorite half marathon?

15 thoughts on “Friday 5 Linkup: My FIVE Half Marathons

  1. Hmmmm, favorite half…I’ve never raced it, but I LOVE the Garden Spot Half – I pace the 1:45 group for that one! I also really loved the Perk Up Half a few weeks ago, but it’s way hilly. I’ve run the Runner’s World Half a few times and love that because I love running in Bethlehem…and this Sunday I’m running the VIA half – I’ve done that full so I know what I’m in for. I don’t think it will be my favorite, but it is a flatter course. Great review – that Rocky Mountain course looks spectacular!


  2. The half marathon is your jam, Kerry! You rock them!

    I’ve done 7 halves, and I didn’t really fall in love with any of them, to be honest. I guess I would say the Wisconsin Half is my favorite, just because it was my first half last year so it has a lot of sentimental value for me. It is also in my college town and the course goes by my alma mater. But if not for those two things, I probably wouldn’t think much of it. Sadly 2016 will be the first year I don’t make it back, since it’s the week after my marathon. Hopefully the Milwaukee Marathon on November 1st will become my favorite!!


  3. I’ve only ever run three half marathons….and two were the same race, different years. I’m so exciting! I’d love to do the Moab Half though. I’m hoping to do it next year!


  4. I LOVE half marathons. I have done about 150 of them 😉 My faves: Philadelphia Distance Run (now RnR Philadelphia), Brooklyn Half Marathon, NYC 1/2, Chicago Half Marathon, Prairie State Half Marathon and Holiday Half Marathon in San Diego (b/c it is super fast!)


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