Help! This taper is killing me!

I have the taper crazies… So bare with this crazy person post.

Saturday is my big race and I am not ready, like at all. I hope that is just the taper crazies talking, but my running has been TERRIBLE lately. I struggle to finish runs, my long runs feel like a battle, and I just don’t feel right. Since moving to Kansas, I have had the worst allergies and I simply can’t breath. Not getting good, full breaths really messes up my running. I’ve tried several different medications (Claritin, Allegra, etc), but they all made me very drowsy… and a little high. I spoke to a pharmacist about it and he suggested Flonase, since it is a nasal spray and likely won’t give me the drowsy effects, so I am hoping that will work. I just don’t know if it will kick in before Saturday (I am still sneezing like every 10 minutes). It’s amazing how bad an easy paced run can feel when you can’t get a full breath.


So I guess I am adjusting my goals a little. I am going to run with the 1:55 pace group, which would be a PR for me… just not the one I wanted. I think given the hills and my allergies, even 1:55 will be a stretch. In fact, I am afraid that just finishing the race will be a problem. Paces that once felt easy are hard, and I don’t know how I am going to deal with those hills.

The hills are going to kill me...
The hills are going to kill me…

I can’t tell if this is an actual problem, like I am not ready, or if I am just scared (and crazy) because it is race week. My confidence is wavering and I am not trusting my training anymore.

Hospital Hill Half is not the only thing on my mind these days. Next week I officially begin training for my first marathon. On Saturday, after Hospital Hill, Frank and I are headed to Boston for his job. I’ll just be tagging along for the ride (and to get some much needed work done). However, this means that my first week of training for the Chicago Marathon can be on the Boston Marathon course. Couldn’t be more cosmic, right?

I don’t feel ready to start training for Chicago either. I’m scared of the long runs, especially since just finishing an 8 mile run has been a struggle these days. If this is just the allergies, I need to get it under control.

Tomorrow, I am going to the expo to pick up my packet, and I’ll try to write a quick post then. Keep some good vibes coming my way this weekend, as I think my lungs will need them. 🙂

Do you lose confidence before a big race? Do you have any good allergy remedies? 

14 thoughts on “Help! This taper is killing me!

  1. Awww Kerry. That sucks about the allergies. I hope it starts to get better. Hang in there!

    I’m sure you’ll do great this weekend! Just try your best, have fun (racing is fun!) and take what the day gives you. If you don’t get your goal time, you don’t get it. That’s ok. You’ll sign up for another half and it will just be even sweeter when you rock it then. Or you’ll surpass expectations and knock one out of the park tomorrow!

    The way you’re feeling about Chi training is normal. But you will get there, trust me. Just take it one day, run, mile at a time. As someone once said: you can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way. YOU GOT THIS!!


    1. Thanks. I’m glad to hear that i am supposed to feel like this. Marathon training sounds crazy and with how nervous I feel about this race tomorrow, I feel like a marathon is a stretch. I guess this will seem attainable a little later into the training.


  2. I lose confidence before almost every race, especially when I taper for it. DON’T panic if you feel badly during your taper! It’s normal. You are very in tune with your body and you think it feels off, but it just isn’t used to the reduced work load. You’ll wake up on race day and feel great – it’s the magic of the taper! Stay confident and trust your training!!


  3. Hang in there! Your body has to adjust to a new environment. I use Nasacort and it works wonders for me, but nasal sprays do take a few days to really start to kick in. You will do fine marathon training, you probably just need to take a few days off after the race to let your body rest and reset. Don’t forget the rush of adrenaline that hits on race day and will carry you through to the end just fine!


    1. Thanks! I feel like I’m really counting on that adrenaline. I think the pace group will help a lot too. I do a lot better when there are people around.


  4. Allergies are the worst. Try out the can’t hurt right? I’m lucky in that the generic, over the counter, non-drowsy meds work fine for me. Wish I could pass that along!

    I’m in the exact same boat as you. I have a race next weekend and I just started running last week. Um….just believe in yourself! I know this was a goal race, but you’ve had an incredible racing year already! You’ve already PRed…TWICE! And easing into marathon training wouldn’t be the worst thing. I think you’ll surprise yourself on race day, but don’t be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t all go according to plan! As for the marathon training. The first one is SO scary, but you’re going to train and your body will be ready. I remember my first training cycle, 16, 18, 20 miles seemed like SO FAR, but you can do it! The biggest hurdle will be the mental game. Just remember training for your first half. 13 felt like a long, long way right? But you killed it! The full will be the same!

    Taper crazies are the worst. Just trust in you. We’re all pulling for you! (And remember…you can do hard things.)


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Those 20 mile runs sound like they might as well be 100 miles. But I guess I’ll feel better about it once I get there. I have so much trouble with the mental game… I guess marathon training will help with that.


  5. Yay, Boston! It is one of my favorite cities. Have fun on your trip!

    I hope the Flonase works for you. Allergies are the worst. I don’t think you should do it in conjunction with a nose spray, but have you tried a neti pot? They work wonders for me.

    Good luck this weekend! I’m sure you’re going to surprise yourself with how well you’ll do once you’re actually on the course in the race day environment.


    1. I haven’t tried a neti pot, but I don’t think I can stop the Flonase at least until the summer is done. These allergies have been insane, and apparently it’s not uncommon to suddenly develop allergies here. Kansas is like a cesspool of pollen.


  6. Taper crazies are the worst!! Just trust in your training, lady. You’ve worked so hard and are doing so well. There’s nothing to do now than to see how it’s paid off.

    Also I wish I could take my own advice. I go nuts every time I taper. 🙂


  7. Depending on my goals, I get really stir crazy before a run. Can I hit that goal? What about the weather? Did I hydrate enough? Blah blah blah, I think it’s normal lol.

    Allergies I use the nondrowsy claratin, seems to do the job for me. Hope the flonase works out.


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