Running Favorites

Thanks Lizzy for tagging me in your running favorites! It’s been fun reading everyone’s posts.


Running Places

Now that I am in a new place, I get to have new places to run. I’ve made an effort to go to new places each day and check out the areas of town that I like. And I gotta say, I like it all. However, one place really stands out as the best. I’m going to go ahead and say the Konza Prairie is my favorite place. Just check out its beauty.

The beautiful Konza Prairie. Who wouldn't love running here?
The beautiful Konza Prairie. Who wouldn’t love running here?

The Konza is a biological field station owned by Kansas State University. It has a storied history in ecology research and is a generally awesome place. It also is some challenging trails. I love the rolling hills and wide open views… oh and there is a lot of wildlife to come by too… and prairie chickens!!!

This is a Prairie Chicken... I love them!
This is a Prairie Chicken… I love them!

Time of Day:

I wish I were a morning runner. One day, I’ll make the switch. But for now, I like to run in the evenings. There are always people around and lots of things going on, and I like to just people watch while I run. However, I do my long runs in the late morning (like 10am), since they are a little more substantial. I also don’t think I have the energy at like 6 to punch out much more than 6-8 miles.


NOT WINTER! Oh man. I hate running in the cold. Actually, I generally like it warm, like 70 degrees. I lived in South Bend, where it is like the arctic for most of the year. I would dread going out in that. I’m definitely a native Floridian at heart, and I am cold all the time. Running in the warm never really bothers me, although it does slow me down a bit. I’d rather be slowed down than cold.

This is too much snow for running...
This is too much snow for running…


I have a pretty bad stomach. I get issues from a lot of different gels, and I have to be mindful on longer runs to eat throughout the run. I generally like Honey Stinger Chews. I down maybe one or two every few miles when I’m going 12 or more. Otherwise my stomach gets really messed up as soon as I stop running. I have not experimented much with gels (I like the salted watermelon, but I generally don’t need it on my runs, since they are not long enough). I’ll probably know more as I take on my marathon training for Chicago.

These are great!
These are great!


Hm… This is a hard one. I do love food, but I was a foodie even before I was a runner. I guess I’d have to say the races. I love the adrenaline I get and how happy everyone is at a race, and well, if you don’t train, racing is not so enjoyable. I think a lot about upcoming races while I run, and how I’ll feel at the starting line. I like to feel confident in the amount of training I did before walking up to that line and that is certainly a reward.

What is your favorite animal to see on a run? Do you have a favorite reward?

9 thoughts on “Running Favorites

  1. That certainly does looks like a great place to run! I see Roadrunners regularly on my run in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. These trails are less than a quarter of a mile from my door. Lots of elevation. I love it.


    1. That sounds so beautiful. I like running with lots of elevation change, but it definitely makes me recheck my expectations. There are always lots of runners out on the Konza Prairie when I go out. I think everyone likes how strong it makes them.

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  2. That prairie chicken is beautiful! I use shot blocks on my long runs and love them. I usually use the dreadmill in the winter, I hate running in cold too, but I had no choice this winter. It was brutal in NY!


    1. I love birds so much. I’m not really the best at identifying them, but I really love seeing raptors and turkeys. I haven’t seen a prairie chicken yet, but I can’t wait until I do!

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  3. That praire chicken is soooooooooooo cute!!! I love its cheeks!

    I’m not a morning runner; I hate making myself get up early to run. Once it’s a routine it’s not so bad, but I always feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day if I’m running in the morning…I have to go to bed too early!


    1. I know! The males have those cool cheeks to impress the ladies! They certainly would impress me. I totally get it. haha.

      I am good at getting up early. I rarely sleep past 7:30, even without an alarm, and usually Im up by 6:30. I just really don’t feel like running then.


  4. Hope you are well, lady! Haven’t heard from you in a while, and I know your big race is coming up – I’ll be thinking of you on Saturday! Good luck!!


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