The Chicago Marathon: I’m in!

It’s official. In 164 days, I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon.

I'm running the Chicago Marathon!!!
I’m running the Chicago Marathon!!!

What’s in front of me are months of upping my mileage, stretching like crazy, a few 20 miler training runs, and well, crossing that finish line. I think if it hadn’t been for the support of my friends here (especially Kristina’s #peerpressure post), and my family, who are going to be there in Chicago with me, I probably wouldn’t be doing this. I’m nervous, excited, happy, a little shocked, and well, hopeful that I’m not a complete moron for signing up.

I'll be crossing that start line soon enough!! 162 days, to be exact.
I’ll be crossing that start line soon enough!! 164 days, to be exact.

I guess some really long runs will give me a chance to learn my way around my new town! I’m pretty excited about that.

My new apartment is that tall brown building. I'm gonna be living downtown!!
My new apartment is that tall brown building. I’m gonna be living downtown!!

I’m also going to use this as an opportunity to really get back to my yoga practice. Now that I got the cyst on my hand removed, I’ll have full range of motion in my wrist again. That means I’ll soon be back to handstands and arm balances! Oh, and I’m sure some leg and core strengthening won’t hurt my marathon training.

Do you have any big races in the fall? What’s your favorite distance to run?

18 thoughts on “The Chicago Marathon: I’m in!

  1. Yay! You don’t give yourself enough credit – you rocked your first half marathon with ease and you will do great at the full marathon too! Plus, you are in our “crew” now and we’re all here for you!

    Long runs really are a great way to explore! They give you a feel for a city that you can’t really get by vehicle.

    I want to get into yoga this upcoming cycle too. I’ve tried in the past but I just can’t make it a consistent habit. I will use you as motivation 🙂


    1. I have pretty bad Impostor Syndrome when it comes to everything, running included. I was pretty convinced that A1A was a fluke, until I ran a little faster at the Holy Half. I imagine Chicago will be the same way.

      I’m really excited to explore the area via foot. Running really gave me an appreciation for South Bend and I imagine it’ll do the same in Manhattan, KS.


    1. Yeah, it’s the first. Kristina’s post made me realize that I’d have a whole virtual community running it with me, so I figured I could suck it up and do something real scary.


  2. Yessss! I’m so excited that you signed up! I hope we can all coordinate and maybe have a runner’s dinner together the night before, or at least meet up for lunch or something!

    I bet you have a really awesome marathon debut. Like Hanna said you’re half marathon debut was killer! You’re a really strong runner and you’re going to love 26.2!


    1. I’m really excited about it too! I really hope we can all meet up. When we get closer we can try to coordinate something.

      Thanks for the confidence! That’s always something that I struggle with.


  3. SO AWESOME!!! Congratulations, lady!! Chicago is on my to-do list one day. 🙂
    I have nothing big planned for later this year. Focusing on my shorter distances for now and hope to pick up a few half marathons!


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