A Perfect Recovery Run

It’s moving week! I am trying to get some runs in at my favorite spots, since I won’t be in these parts again for a while. Tonight, Frank (the hubby) and I went for a night run. He doesn’t like to run much, but I managed to convince him to go out for an easy 3 miles. I needed a good recovery run since my legs were a little sore from my 14 miler on Sunday.

It was so beautiful! The Notre Dame dome was lit and it was a perfect 75 degrees. Plus, we pretty much had the roads to ourselves.

The golden dome is always kept well lit.
The golden dome is always kept well lit.

Frank managed to keep the conversation light by discussing the physics of farting in space. He suggested that this was the best way to determine the force of forward momentum of a fart.

This is what you find if you google "farting in space".
This is what you find if you google “farting in space”.

The main issue that he found with this is that you’d probably die after be exposed in space too soon to actually measure your fart’s force.

Easy runs are pretty fun. What a perfect night!

What's a run without a selfie? Also, I think Frank's smile is the fakest one I've ever seen.
What’s a run without a selfie? Also, I think Frank’s smile is the fakest one I’ve ever seen.

Are you a night or morning runner? Is your partner also your running buddy?

12 thoughts on “A Perfect Recovery Run

  1. Ooooh beautiful pic! I loved the segway from the serenity of that scene to the discussion of the physics of farting. Brilliant!

    I am a night runner all the way. I’m a night owl, so I function better in the evening, which means I also run better and faster at that time. It helps that I have a job where I sit at a desk all day so by the time I’m off work I’m raring to go. I kind of wish I could be a morning runner because I’ve run at sunrise before and it was beautiful, but it’s so hard to get up that early, and when I do my legs are like lead.


    1. I tend to run better in the mornings, but I don’t like doing it, so I end up an evening runner. My long runs are usually morning (like 9ish). But I can’t get myself functioning early enough to run and then go to work.


  2. Happy Moving Week! That’s so exciting!!
    I am a morning runner, but right now life is a little nuts so there might be more afternoon/evening runs in my future depending when I can fit them in. You guys are so cute!

    My s/o is pretty anti-running, but my daughter will run with me all day! We just put new air in the jogging stroller tires last night!


    1. Thanks! I still have so much to do before the big move!

      Frank is pretty anti-running too, but he’ll do it when he’s bored and I want to go for a short run.


  3. Yay for moving! It’s stressful but also super exciting 🙂

    I’m an evening runner during the week but will usually do long runs on the weekends in the mornings, just not super early. It’s all dependent on the weather too. My fiance Thomas does not run, but my puppy daughter Dixie is my favorite running partner!


  4. I love a good recovery run, especially with my husband! He forces me not to treat runs like training runs.

    I can just imagine the “farting in space” convo. It reminds me of a few conversations I’ve had with students this week.


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