Moving to Kansas!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. To be honest, my life has been absolutely insane with the move. Last week I hardly got any time to run, but even with all the craziness, I managed to get a 5k watch PR on my last run with the Fleet Feet running group.

Last run was a good one! This was the first time I've seen my overall pace at 7:something!
Last run was a good one! This was the first time I’ve seen my overall pace at 7:something!

On Friday afternoon, Frank and I gathered our stuff, the cats, and hit the road. We drove through most of the night until we got to Booneville, Missouri, where some close friends live.

I don't think Elly and Sydney were very happy with the ride.
I don’t think Elly and Sydney were very happy with the ride.

On Saturday, our friends took us to some pretty parks and into Columbia, home of the Mizzou. We got some good food, chilled out and spent the night at their place.

Missouri has some pretty hiking!
Missouri has some pretty hiking!

The next day wasn’t exactly ideal. It rained ALL DAY LONG. We got to Manhattan, KS around noon and had to move our stuff in during a thunderstorm. I also did some damage to my back moving the bed, but we still managed to get some pretty good pizza walking distance from our place!

So, this was the view driving into Kansas...It's moving weather!!
So, this was the view driving into Kansas…It’s moving weather!!

I woke up Monday morning and hit up a yoga class, which helped my back a lot. Despite my pain, I couldn’t help but go out for a run. I did 4 easy miles along the river. It turns out that Kansas is really beautiful!

Beautiful river views.
Beautiful river views.

My new run group meets up on Tuesday nights, so I went 3.2 miles with them. They picked a really hilly route. Now, people think Kansas is flat. Apparently, it’s not. Like… not at all. The route included what felt like a mountain to my poor Indiana legs. I think I have some work cut out for me.

Elly is making herself right at home here in Manhattan, KS.
Elly is making herself right at home here in Manhattan, KS. I’m pretty sure this is the cutest cat in the world. 

Tomorrow I am going to check out some trails. I’ll let you know how it goes!

How has your week been? Have you conquered any new routes lately?

14 thoughts on “Moving to Kansas!

  1. Are you going to Manhattan to teach? I myself did start a new route within walking distance of my house. It is a 2.5 mile (one way) with a 450 ft elevation gain. Gets me 5 miles with a good uphill workout. I finally am embracing the elevation gain instead of avoiding them. Also, I travelled I-70 thru Boonesville lots…..there is a Pilot Travel Center where gas was cheap for that area and the manager was an Arizona State grad. So he’d always recognize me and we’d talk about Sun Devil football and how he missed the winters in Tempe!


    1. I am teaching yoga in Manhattan and finishing up my dissertation. My husband got a job here. I ran a 3 mile route with 200 ft of elevation that did a pretty good job on my legs. haha. I imagine 450 would kill me.

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  2. So glad your move went well! Congrats on your new 5K PR, that’s splendid! That’s also really cool that you already found a new running group and a yoga studio. You are rocking this move!

    I know exactly what you mean about the unexpected hilliness. I’m from Iowa, and everyone thinks Iowa is flat too, but my hometown has some insane hills, which I learned the hard way when I went for a run there over Thanksgiving. It’s so ironic since Iowa is supposed to be flat yet Milwaukee is a pancake in comparison! Just goes to show that stereotypes aren’t always true I guess.


    1. Haha. Yeah. I don’t really let the grass grow under me. The running group was a really fun group of people. I’m excited to go out there some more.

      Oh man… I’m gonna have some STRONG legs in a few months. haha.


  3. Hi Elly!

    It sounds like the move went pretty well. Your new running route looks really pretty! I felt the same way about hill repeats with the group last week… I was like, guys, I promise I’m not this bad of a runner. The hill we were running feels like freaking Mt. Everest compared to what I was running on in Indiana!


    1. Yeah, I know! Well we had like a 40 ft hill…and that was it. Indiana is flat as a pancake compared to this place.

      I have some pics of Syd to send you. She’s been so happy in the new place. She sleeps with me every night and seems like she’s adjusting well. I was a little worried about her.


  4. I’m glad your move went well! Moving is so stressful, it’s no wonder you haven’t had time to post.

    I wonder why people think Kansas is flat! Maybe it’s because of the Wizard of Oz. But I definitely always think of Kansas as being a flat Dusty state! I’m excited to see photos of your area to prove me wrong!


    1. Haha. I definitely suck some serious wind on those hills. I’m sure they will get easier though. Running the Chicago Marathon is going to feel surprisingly easy compared to these hills.


  5. Noo! Injuries abound! I hope your back gets better quick! And it looks seriously beautiful there! I’m happy to hear the move went well! 🙂


    1. Eh, I wouldn’t call it an injury… more like nagging pain. It went away though, once I stopped lifting really heavy things. I’m kind of small in the upper body, so lifting beds isn’t too good. Hope you’re feeling well!


  6. Oh no! I hope your back heals fast. I have moved a lot (crap, writing that just made me realize how soon I am moving again) and every time I have had some sort of injury. I can relate. I too, thought Kansas was totally flat😳. So glad I learned something new today!


    1. Thanks! It’s feeling better already. I think laying off the lifting of beds helped out. I am not destined to be a professional mover.

      I’ll post more pics, but seriously, when I am running, I spend the whole time wishing Kansas were flat.


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