Chicago Training: Week 5 – HOT HOT HOT!!

Did you hear about Scott Jurek’s record breaking run on the AT? It was pretty amazing! He finished 2185 miles in 46 days 8 hours 20 minutes. That’s almost 50 miles per day for over 46 days… truely amazing.

Amazing record breaking run!
Amazing record breaking run!

I can’t believe I am done with week 5 already! This week was all about ankle recovery, and by the end, I was hardly feeling it at all. I guess I’d have to say that recovery was a success. My total mileage was about 24 miles, although my Garmin was acting kinda weird and I’m not sure what my actual mileage was. Getting back to normal intensity next week should go pretty smoothly.

Monday: Rested Ankle

I basically did no walking or running. I tried to keep the foot elevated and iced it often.

Tuesday: 3.1 miles with run group

My ankle was feeling pretty good, so I went out with my run group to do our hill route. I decided to do a progression run and had splits of 9:31, 8:43 & 8:21. Pretty good!

Wednesday: Rest Day

I went to a yoga class, but did no running.

Thursday: ~4.5 miles at 9:57 min/mi

I waited way too long to go out for my run, and decided to do it over lunch. It was over 90 degrees out and I was dying. I intended to do 7 miles, but I decided that the suffering was really doing me no good, so I turned back a little over 2 miles to head home.

Friday: Rest Day

I figured that since I had suffered so much on my run the day before, I should probably chill out and not go too hard the next day, so I took a day off.

Saturday: 10 miles at 9:55 min/mi

Frank and I went to Omaha, NE to check out the zoo and I wanted to check out some of the local running areas in the morning. I went out to a really nice lake with a paved trail around it to do my long run. There were tons of people out, despite the high humidity and heat. For the most part, this was a good run, although the last few miles kinda felt like a slog.

This was such a beautiful spot to run. Photo credit: google
This was such a beautiful spot to run. Photo credit: google

Sunday: ~6.5 miles around 9ish pace

My garmin was being a real pain during this run and turned off a few times. It was HOT out…and I was sweating like crazy. I stopped a few times to drink water, but I still managed to stay close to marathon pace. I felt good, and was exhausted at the end.

Next week’s forecast:

Kansas has become a sauna.
Kansas has become a sauna.

The end of the week saw temps of over 100 around here, and next week will only be worse. I’m going to be running in the early mornings and maybe slowing off on paces to stop myself from getting injured from the heat. I have a pretty big mileage increase over the next few weeks, and I am getting to mileages that I have never done before. Things are getting pretty real over here!

How hot is too hot to run? Are you seeing crazy high temps this week?

10 thoughts on “Chicago Training: Week 5 – HOT HOT HOT!!

  1. Scott ❤ Love him and his book, have been cheering for him the whole way! Wish I could have gone for a few miles with him when he got to my neck of the woods but I was out of town. Nice job on running in those crazy temps!!!


    1. Thanks! I just think Scott is the best. His book really inspired me to do longer distances and try trail running (which I love). Maybe one day I’ll do an ultra, too! I wish I lived close by to meet up with him on the trail.

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      1. I was recovering from an injury and was supposed to run a series of 4 marathons in about a month an a half (I know how crazy that sounds). I didn’t care about my time, but since I am doing the 50 state thing I had travel plans and flights booked from coast to coast. My injury was a stress fracture that was healed and I cross trained my ass off while I was recovering, and then I read his book on my way to the first of the four races. I was doubtful if I should even go to the starting line. But he kept saying in his book – Sometimes you just do things. So I walk/ran the first one and finished. A week later, I paced a friend to run a PR at the Buffalo marathon, and two weeks later I ran my then-marathon PR (it’s since improved), and a week after that finished the whole ordeal with a marathon in Alaska. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to show up at the starting line of the first one had I not read his book. He’s incredible!


  2. Yikes, those temps! It’s SO hard to run in the heat! We don’t get nearly that warm here, so this past week in Houston almost killed me! Flag has finally cooled down too–our high’s are in the high 70s! Not bad at all! Great job running! Good luck this week 🙂


    1. Yeah, tomorrow has a heat index of 106, so I’m going to get my run in early. It’s useless to run in those temps. I can’t wait to see high 70s again.


  3. Glad your ankle is feeling better. Wow that lake was amazing, such a nice place to run. HOT?? Did you say hot?? Um yeah, AZ has been well over 100 these last couple weeks lol


    1. Oh I bet AZ is hot. I was there once in the winter and it got pretty warm during the day, so I can’t imagine how hot it must get in the summer!


  4. Scott is so incredible! I am so proud of him and happy for him to have achieved the record. I hope that he’s planning to write about this experience in his next book. It seems like he must be planning to do something with all of the material he gathered during the last 40+ days since he had Escobar follow him around with a camera the whole time. I’m sad that this was his masterpiece though and now he’s going to retire. I wish I had known about him earlier in his career and could have followed all of his Western States and Badwater victories.

    …. Anyway…. I could write a novel about that guy, haha.

    So glad to hear that your ankle is feeling better, but sorry that the temperature has really soared. I’m dealing with those temps too and I know it’s not fun! The other night it was like 87 degrees with a breeze and I commented to Adam that I felt a little cold LOL. That’s how you know you’re spending a little too much time outdoors in the 95+ degree weather haha!


    1. Oh man, I could write a book about Scott too. I would love to do one of his training camps one day. I imagine that he’ll still have them, even if he is retired from racing. Honestly, I miss Florida heat. I grew up pretty close to fort lauderdale and there was always a reasonable sea breeze, even in the worst of temps (I know it is hotter these days than it was when I was a kid). Here in Kansas, the air is stagnant and hot, like an oven. Hopefully it cools off before I have my really long runs.


  5. Scott is so inspiring! I’ve been following his journey too and it’s been amazing. Those temps are terrible. It’s been in the 90s here but we are supposed to cool down luckily. I ran in the heat yesterday and realized I need to go to the gym when it’s that hot from now on. I don’t handle it well.


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