Haircuts and Increased Mileage

As you know, it’s been crazy hot out around here this summer, so I went ahead and chopped off my hair!!

The new haircut!
The new haircut!

How do you like it? Unfortunately I can’t really keep it straight in this humidity, but I like it curly too. My hair had been driving me nuts on my runs, so I figured something a little less heavy would be a nice summer change.

I’ve made the transition pretty nicely to becoming a morning runner. This week I woke up at 5:30 am for a 6 mile trail run through Kanza Prairie. I got to see the sunrise along with about 100 turkeys, a deer, and a bison.

Beautiful sunrise over Kanza Prairie.
Beautiful sunrise over Kanza Prairie.

With beautiful mornings like these, how could I ever go back to evening running?

Running in the mornings has become essential, but it gets harder as I increase my mileage. I’ve never run more than 32 miles in a single week and this week I will be running 35. Next week I hit two new milestones, 40 miles in a single week along with a 16-mile long run. Marathon training is starting to get intense, but I am certainly noticing that I am getting stronger. Distances that used to seem like a push are suddenly much easier. I’ve also been pretty good about doing hill work, and have noticed a big difference there too.

Two weeks from Saturday I will be running the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon. I wont be there to PR… it’s my Chicago pace practice run. I’m going to run at marathon pace (9:00 min/mi). If I can do it at 7,000 feet with a pretty sizable uphill section, I’m pretty sure Chicago will be a piece of cake!

How is your fall training going? Are you feeling confident about your next race?

10 thoughts on “Haircuts and Increased Mileage

  1. Congrats on getting in those morning runs. I struggle with mornings because I have to be out the door by 7:20 and I cannot bring myself to get up any earlier than 5:45. So I save my running for the evening but practice yoga in the mornings.


  2. LOVE your new look!

    I also have transitioned to mostly morning running, save for social runs and speed work – need to do it in the PM when I can run faster! I really love it. It is soooooooooo nice having my evenings free. Last week I had to do all evening runs after a week of all AM runs, and I hated it. I just did not feel like myself. It will get harder as my mileage increases though – if I want to do anything over 7 miles I would have to get up at like 4:30-4:45. Ugh.

    Marathon training is full of firsts – cherish them all! I was terrified before my first 16 miler. It just seemed SO FAR. You will notice that the higher mileage will really increase your endurance and make you faster!


    1. Yeah, that 16 miler has me pretty nervous. It seems like a long way to go for a single run. In fact, even 8 seems far. haha! I guess after a few 20 milers, those 16 miler days should be easy!


  3. I’m very close to that same training plan. This week is the most I’ve run in one week so far (I’m at 26 miles already which is the most I’ve ever done in a week) and I still have 11 more miles to go. And next week will be the furthest too, for me at 15 miles. I’m pretty nervous too, but we have got this! Yay for doing a great job training.


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