Chicago Marathon Training: Week 9 – Recovery!

Some weeks running is just… hard. This week I felt like I was running with lead shoes, and that’s understandable, since I just PR’ed my half marathon and worked really hard last week. But this week, I just didn’t have it in me to give it my all. Maybe it was just that my all was not very much. Regardless, I took this week as a recovery week.


I practiced yoga at home, did some body weight strength work and got about 28 miles in. I had planned for close to 40 miles and a 16 mile long run, but I was so exhausted and that was just not going to happen.

Monday: 4.7 miles trail running (11:29/mi)

I was sore from all of the mountain climbing and hard running I had done the week before, so I took it easy and ran with the Lawrence Trail Hawks on their Monday night run. I had a great time and they talked the whole way. The first mile felt like I was running through mud, but I eventually warmed up and felt good. Lawrence is about an hour away, but I would really like to make the drive occasionally to run with this group.

Tuesday: 3.2 miles (8:18/mi)

Apparently I was feeling good this day. I ran with the Manhattan Running Company on the Kimble route, which has a pretty good climb up a hill. I started pretty conservatively at 9:16/mi, but then decided to catch up with the guys who usually lead the pack. I ran hard for the next two miles (8:27/mi & 7:17/mi) and did catch up with them at the end. I’m really not sure what got into me that day, but I was going fast!

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Unintentional rest day – I was tired

Friday: 6 miles (10:00/mi)

I felt like I was running through a pool with lead shoes. I don’t even know how I finished the run, but I was beat the whole time. It was so hot out too…

Saturday: 4.5 miles (9:58/mi)

Another pretty chill run. Unfortunately, I still felt tired. I know that I had not fully recovered yet from the half and running at any pace just felt like work. I was going to go 8 miles, but I was tired and really didn’t want to.

Sunday: 10-mile long run (10:00/mi)

I was going to do 16 miles, but I didn’t feel quite right. I went in the PM, so it was getting dark by the time I finished. Honestly, I can’t put my finger on it, but something wasn’t really right. I didn’t feel injured, just overworked. So I scaled back and took it easy. If these 6 miles are what stands between me and running a sub-4 marathon, I’m not ready to run that kind of time yet.

Sage Canaday always says that you would rather be undertrained than overtrained, and I really took that to heart this week. Even though I didn’t do the mileage I wanted to do, I’m more than ok with it. I needed a chill-ish week and I took one. Next week features my first 18-miler and I want to be ready to conquer that distance.

How do you recover from half marathons? Do you ever scale back your mileage because you don’t quite feel right?

11 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 9 – Recovery!

  1. Feeling like you’re running with lead shoes… I’ve been there. And I think Sage Canaday’s advice is right. Better to take it easy and listen to your body. I can only run about 7.5 km at the moment, slowly working my way up, but regardless of the mileage you can do, I think that advice holds.


    1. Take it easy and don’t overdo it. I’ve been injury free for about a year now, and that’s because when in doubt, I’ll just not go for a run. Good luck upping your mileage!


  2. This was great. ‘Unintentional Rest Day- I was tired’- props for honesty! I sometimes feel the need to make elaborate excuses but in all honesty who cares?! If I’m tired, I’m tired! After my last 10K race it took me a whole week to recover- the following weekend I slept in till 2pm! Sometimes you just gotta suck it up and accept that your body needs time- a lesson I’m really trying to embrace!


    1. Recovery is really important. I thought I would be ok just continuing my training as normal after running a half marathon, but I did need to take it easy. The unintentional rest day was pretty important.

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  3. I guess there’s a reason he’s called “Sage”. 🙂 Very true words about overtraining! Reminds me of that quote “if you undertrain you may not finish, if you overtrain you may not start.”

    I can’t believe you ran a 7:17 mile at the end of that run! That is insanely fast! You are sprouting up overnight, girl! Keep up the great work.

    They aren’t all supposed to be good weeks. Ebb and flow. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Lately I have been almost too comfortable scaling back and going all out with mileage. Sometimes I beat myself up over it but at the end of the day I figure, life’s too short and there will always be other marathons. Great week!


    1. I was pretty surprised by how easy 7:17 felt. I really need to get over my mental barriers. I think once I do, I’ll get a lot faster. I think early in the training cycle, I would have beat myself up over this week, but I really feel like the training is working and that I really needed the break. I’m glad I took it.


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