Heading West!

By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Utah!

I promise to take pictures!

Lows throughout the week are in the teens, and since we are camping, I’m kinda expecting to spend my nights pretty cold. We should be in Moab by the end of the day Saturday and then the exploring begins!

My birthday is this coming Tuesday (Nov 24), but I celebrated it with my friends here in Manhattan a few nights ago. We went to my favorite hibachi place in town, where I knew they would throw a big celebration for my birthday. It was crazy fun and I even got this gift:

Sometimes it’s kinda bad…

I thought this was the perfect coffee cup given my feelings about Kansas.

All of us at the Hibachi Restaurant! I don’t really know all that many people here yet. 🙂

In less fun news, Frank fell off his bike and landed himself in the emergency room with a few stitches. He hit a curb, flew off his handlebars and landed right on his chin. The doctor said that the cut extended all the way to the bone. Honestly, just looking at the cut makes me kinda queasy (I am going to spare you any photos). He’s been taking it like a champ, though. He says it doesn’t hurt, but I’m really not sure that I believe him. He’s a little beat up on his left arm and leg. We’re just hoping he heals fast and that this doesn’t slow him down in Utah.

I am going to do my best to stay on top of blogging while I’m out in the desert, however, I don’t expect to always have internet access. So, if I kinda disappear for the week, have a great Thanksgiving! 

6 thoughts on “Heading West!

  1. Happy early birthday!!!! LOL that mug made me laugh.

    I’m super jealous of your trip, but I can’t wait to see pics when you get back! I hope Frank gets well soon! Man you two have just not had good luck on bikes this year, LOL


    1. Yeah.. The bikes have not been good to us at all. He seems to be healing well, but we’ll see when he goes back to the doctor.

      We’ve been on the trip two days and we already have some crazy stories.


  2. Oh no, really hope Frank heals up quickly and that you two have the best time in Utah. I’ve only driven through the state but I really want to stop and explore someday, it looks like an outdoor lover’s dream!

    Happy early birthday and happy Thanksgiving!!!


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