Made it to south Florida!

I made it to Florida! The way here was certainly not easy! My flight was cancelled and I was forced to change my entire itinerary. I didn’t make it home until about 11:30 pm, but after a good night’s rest, it seemed pretty worth it. It is nice to have some warmer weather AND I get to hang out with my favorite dog.

I woke up him to take this picture. He has a case of bed head here.

Oh and my parent’s cat too (she doesn’t cuddle like Elly).

I do miss Elly!

I’ve been doing a bit of a taper heading into A1A. On Tuesday, I went for a run on the dreadmill because it was just way too cold! On Wednesday, before my flight, I managed to get myself out and moving for a marathon paced tempo run, despite the cold. I finally managed to feel comfortable holding my goal pace for Colfax.

The river was looking super nice!

I am definitely feeling a little nervous heading into A1A. I feel tired and a bit overtrained and I am just not sure if I can hold a PR pace for 13.1 miles. Although the extra mileage that I’ve been putting on my legs during marathon training has certainly improved my fitness, I’m not sure that it has improved my SPEED. I feel like I am ready to run a super long distance… but just not very fast. Maybe I’ll wake up Sunday morning with super legs. It’s just hard to imagine holding under 8:30 paces for over 13 miles. I know that I tend to show up strong at races, but I do tend to feel inadequate during training. Unfortunately, there will be no pacers to help me reach my goal of under 1:50:00.

Whatever happens… happens. Regardless, I plan on having a good time!

I am excited to see both Kristina and Ally on Saturday! It’s going to be great to finally meet and wish them good luck on their races. Also, Lizzy is doing the LA marathon on Sunday, so wish her good luck nabbing that new marathon PR!

Anyone racing this weekend? Do you usually feel unsure of yourself heading into a PR attempt?

4 thoughts on “Made it to south Florida!

  1. GOOD LUCK KERRY!! Don’t worry about running a PR. Just relax and enjoy yourself, and run your own race. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. If not, there will always be other races. You are a VERY good runner, you have the speed and the strength and the grit, and you don’t need one race to prove what you already know is true. If you don’t get the result you want this weekend, could you maybe find another half in March/April to sign up for? You might feel more confident with a little more training under your belt and it would give you a chance to tune-up closer the big marathon.

    Anyway, good luck and have a GREAT race and I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday. My advice: START OUT SLOW. When I ran my PR half, my first mile was 9:01 – and I ended with an 8:18 average pace. It’s hard to start slow, but if you trust in the process it will reward you in the end 🙂


  2. I can’t wait to meet you!! I’m glad you made it to FL…I wonder why your flight was delayed? Snow?

    Oh well, at least you’re enjoying our lovely weather now!! I’ll be in late Friday night. Looking forward to seeing you at the expo or after!


  3. Don’t rule out race day adrenaline!

    Our local running club puts on a marathon this weekend — and canceled it due to the extreme cold!

    It’s still pretty darn cold today, but I’m gonna try & get myself out for that long run anyway.

    Good luck in your race!


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