Colfax Week 5: Racing, Fun, and Travel!!

Another week gone… another week closer to the Colfax Marathon! This week was a great effort. I kept to my training even while traveling to Fort Lauderdale, AND I raced a half marathon. Now that the A1A half is finished, I feel like the marathon grind is in full gear, and I’ve gotta say, I am actually pretty happy about that. The long slow paces feel good on my legs, and the slow increase in mileage has been really encouraging. I feel like my training is really helping out a lot. I attempted to PR at A1A, but missed it by about 3 minutes. It was just one of those days where you really can’t get your legs to move. I’ll talk more about that later in my race recap.

I did get to see Ali and Kristina, though! And it was totally fun. They were both incredibly awesome people. AND Ali got a PR!! Go Ali!! They both had incredibly awesome races. Congrats to them both!

We thought something was very funny!


Monday: Rest Day + Yoga!

 Tuesday: 4 miles chill pace on treadmill + really tough yoga class

I started the morning with a yoga class that pretty much kicked my butt. I knew that I wanted to get out to run, but it was pretty chilly with some tough winds, so I decided to just hop on the ole’ dreadmill. Pretty much as soon as I got on, I was regretting my decision of not running outside. I stuck it out though, and it was miserable!

Wednesday: Goal Marathon Pace Tempo Run 5 miles

I went out around lunch for a quick 5 mile run. It was really a perfect day out with the sun shining and it was chilly, but not cold. I did a 1-mile warm up and cool down with 3 miles at goal MP. It felt easy and fun! Previously, I had been having trouble keeping at MP, but would instead run a little too fast and tire myself out. I was pretty glad to hit the right paces and feel really strong. I then went to the airport, where I waited forever for my plane and didn’t make it to Fort Lauderdale until around 11:30 pm.

Perfect running weather.

Thursday: 4 mile easy run with fast finish

I went for a pretty chill run around my neighborhood. I kept the pace slow, but still wanted to see how I was going to feel in the heat of Florida. I have been training in Kansas, where it is consistently around 30 degrees. I wanted to make sure I could still run fast in the warm, so I busted out a pretty quick final mile. It was actually pretty fun!

Friday: Rest!!

Even though I was resting, I did get to see some manatees!

Saturday: Rest + met Ali and Kristina


Sunday: A1A Half Marathon

I’ll talk more about this in my race recap. I went out hoping I’d get a PR, but I knew from the very first mile that it was not the day. I spent a lot of the race suffering, when really I shouldn’t have been. But I kept strong, finished, and still ran the 2nd best half I’ve ever run. I could have done without the suffering though.

Tired and happy to be done!

Total: 26.1

Overall, it was a great week! After the race, I’m glad to be getting back to my marathon training. I can’t wait to get out there and do more goal MP runs and go longer than I ever have before! Colfax, here I come!!!

Next Week:

M: Rest

T: 6 miles goal MP

W: 4 miles easy

T: Some hills and speed (7 miles)

F: 5 miles easy

S: Rest

S: 14 miles LSD

Thanks for all of the encouragement heading into my race. I have a trail race coming up in April. I love racing on trail and I am really looking forward to it.

Anyone else racing this weekend? How did your training go? Any fun stories?

11 thoughts on “Colfax Week 5: Racing, Fun, and Travel!!

  1. Great job Kerry! Looking forward to your race recap! Your Florida pics on here and Strava are giving me some serious envy. It’s ridiculously cold here, I’d love to trade places!


    1. Haha! Yeah. I wish I could stay, but I am heading back to Kansas tomorrow. It’s a bit colder there… BUT it’s getting into the 70’s this week!!!!!


  2. It was so great to see you both days this weekend! Your mom is very funny and so nice, I’m glad I got to meet her too!

    I read in the paper the other day that manatees are having a hard time trying to find warm water since the last couple of months have been cold here. I’m glad to see them soaking up the sunshine in your picture!

    Congrats on a great race and earning that *beautiful* medal 😀 😀


    1. My mom really loved meeting both of you. I had a great time seeing you and at the race, even though the race didn’t go as planned. I’m definitely pretty excited about Chicago and seeing you and the rest of team paws out there.

      The medal is pretty… But a little gaudy. Lol


  3. It was so great to meet you!! I hope we’re able to meet up again sometime!

    Nice work keeping up with your training during traveling! And even though you struggled at the half, you still finished strong! It may not have been a PR, but your second best time is nothing to sneeze at. And now you can really focus on your full training!


    1. It was so fun to meet you! I wish we lived closer, I feel like you and I would race a lot together. I’m so glad that you got your PR. It’s always such a confidence boost to get redemption from a bad race. I’m happy with my race, but I do wish it had gone a little different.


  4. Great job, can’t wait for the recap.

    I hate those rough days where your planned pace just feels dreadful and gets worse and worse lol. It will make you much stronger as the marathon gets closer.


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