Life After Colfax

My race photos are in!!!!

This one is pretty good. I look unbelievably tired, but I think this was taken at like Mile 21 or 22.

Not the best running form, but still holding up!

Oh, and they caught the high-5 between Dan and I at the end.

Dan and I at the bottom of the screen high-fiving!

Colfax is done… so what now?

Well, I don’t really have the post-race blues. I didn’t really give myself the chance to. On Saturday I am pacing the Bill Snyder Half Marathon and helping the 2:25 group reach their goals. It’s always fun to pick up your next race packet while you are still sore from your previous race.

My pacer stick and shirt!! Bringing people to their PR’s!

I am leaving for London with my mom next week and I’ll be pacing her for a 5K in Liverpool and the next day I’ll be running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I don’t really know what my goals are for this race, but more than anything, I am just excited to race internationally.

I am kind of taking running not too seriously until I begin training for Chicago in a few weeks. Luckily, the soreness is mostly gone from my legs and I actually feel pretty good. I’ve been sleeping A LOT and trying to stay very hydrated. I’m hoping that I can get back to some relaxed running either today or tomorrow. Elly has also been keeping me company during recovery.

Elly only lays on her back when she is REALLY passed out. So cute. 

I am likely going to be using the Hanson’s plan for Chicago, which will begin the 2nd week of June. I am going to dedicate an entire post to goals, but I’ll warn you that they are pretty big. Colfax went really well and I never felt like I was pushing myself or reaching my edge. In Chicago, I might push things a little harder. I learned a ton and one thing that I am going to take into racing from now on is to eat a lot more during races. I was always very stingy about gel use, but not anymore. I really believe having a gel every 45 minutes basically saved me from hitting the infamous marathon wall. I’m hoping that I can have a repeat performance at Chicago.

I’m pretty excited about my several weeks of “run whenever I damn well please” instead of running because I have to. It won’t last too long, but I’ll enjoy it while it does.

Do you have a goal race coming up soon? What do you do between training cycles?

22 thoughts on “Life After Colfax

  1. Two half marathons in the two weeks after your first marathon? Goodness lady! Some people are just built for distance, I guess.

    I felt similarly to you after my first marathon – like I could have pushed harder – which is why I too set lofty goals for my second. And it was an awesome experience to achieve them. But I also learned to always respect the distance and never take it lightly and not get cocky about my success. No two marathons are ever the same. I look forward to your goal post although I already know what it is since you’ve mentioned it in several comments. Go girl!!


    1. I keep going between the 3:45 and 3:50 goal. I feel like 3:50 is very possible and, assuming no training or race day snafus, I have a very good chance achieving that. I feel like if I go for the 3:45, I will very likely not get it. I think the stars would have to align on race day for that to happen. If I train for 3:45, though, I guess it’s no real big deal if I run a 3:50… so I’m not sure yet. Haha!

      This weekend I am running very slow, so I expect it to feel good. I might just take the race in Liverpool slow too. Haha! I’ll see how I feel on race day.


      1. I think you are selling yourself short. Based on your training paces I definitely think you have a 345 in you! It will be hard but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The Chicago course has PR written all over it and you will make big improvemnts on Hansons. Worst case is you don’t get 345 but still go sub 350 and get a huge PR! Go for it!!

        Oh and I forgot to add: enjoy Europe! Sooooooooo jealous over here…


      2. Haha! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am definitely leaning towards training for the 3:45, but I’m not sure that come race day, I’ll actually go for it. My half PR doesn’t say that I should be able to do a 3:45. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll feel really confident then. Chicago is really flat…

        Thanks! I’m pretty excited. Although I’m not excited about the 8 hour plane ride. Haha!


  2. Be nice to your mom when you are pacing her for her 5K PR.:) I’m thinking that just being in Liverpool right in the middle of my Beatles bucket list trip will speed me up. Just remember, be careful during your half marathon. We are going to Paul’s house after the race. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i can’t wait for this trip. It is going to be EPIC!!!!!! ❤ ❤


  3. That’s a great photo and I don’t even think you look tired, but I swear my first thought was where the heck does she put her fuel?

    How great to have such a fantastic time with your first marathon!

    I am not quite sure when the next half is. Either October or July & I keep telling my husband we have to decide soon, because if it’s July, I gotta keep up with the long runs! If it’s October, I’ll be dropping down my mileage again. And hopefully maybe concentrating on some ore strength training.

    Let’s just say I have a lot of fluffy areas.


    1. I wear a waist band under my shirt that I put all my stuff in. To be honest, though, it really hurt my back from it hitting me so much.

      Have you raced in Kansas or Colorado yet? Let me know when you do and maybe I can come out and either spectate or race!

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      1. Suddenly everyone is asking me when I’m coming to their state & the answer is I have no idea!

        I did consider the Skirtsports 13er this year . . . but not gonna happen.


  4. I love this whole post! I love Ellie. I love that you are pacing a half!!! (I want to do that someday.) I love that you get to go to England and race internationally. It sounds so grown up. I have to get a jacket dry cleaned for the first time and I think that is what is officially going to make me feel like a grown up- dry cleaning. 🙂

    Your pictures are great- you don’t look tired at all. I totally support your BIG GOALS for Chicago. Set them, work for them, and CRUSH THEM! You have so much potential it’s unreal.

    I just bought gus yesterday. I hate them so bad but I need to figure out my cramping. I bought nuun too. Never used the stuff. Gonna see what’s going on….


    1. Oh and go for the 3:45. I am going for a 3:25 with full expectations of shitting the bed. I just don’t see how that is possible for me but Hansons thinks I can. WE BOTH JUST NEED TO TRUST HANSONS!!! I bet if you train for a 3:45 you actually do a sub 3:45.


      1. Ok…I need you to weigh in. Should I use the beginner’s or advanced program? I hit 55 miles for Colfax and did a lot of weeks above 45. I don’t know. I’m a little nervous about the advanced plan. I don’t want to get hurt.


    2. I am going to answer each of your comments individually. lol. I love the Salted Watermelon Gu. I actually look forward to long runs because i know I get to eat them. How gross is that? Nuun is great. I love it. I started off using it for backpacking before I started distance running. It’s great.

      I don’t know… My half PR isn’t good enough for a 3:45 and I am scared to go for it. I think I can hit the training paces, but I don’t know. Chicago is really scaring the crap out of me now. And before I felt so confident!


      1. I think you should use advanced. The mileage scares be too but they say if you STICK TO THE PACES you won’t get injured. You could try adv and if it is too much cut a little bit of mileage?

        Maybe if you run a half between now and Chicago (when you are fully recovered from COlfax- I know you are doing 2 really soon) it will give you confidence for the 3:45???


      2. I put the mileage into a spreadsheet… and I nearly flipped out. It’s SO MUCH RUNNING. I am running Rocky Mountain again, which is where my current PR is, so maybe I can gain some confidence at that race. But I’m supposed to be able to hit a 1:47, which is over 4 minutes off my PR.


    1. I know!!! I smiled so hard when I saw the pic! It was such a great moment cause we both totally crushed our goals (and were still standing and able to high five).

      Haha! I can’t wait to run it. I think I’m going to take it slow… I don’t want to get hurt. But I’m so excited to have English people all around the course with me!! I love English people. Haha!


  5. I love your race photo! If that’s what you look like at mile 22, I think you should shoot for your big goal in Chicago. You look tired but totally held together for someone at mile 22 of a marathon!

    How amazing that you’re going to do two races in England! I love your mom’s comment and how big of a Beatles fan she is! “We are going to Paul’s house after the race” – omg I’m dead! I love that!


    1. Haha! Yeah… she’s in love with him. We are doing a ton of Beatles tours out there. Should be fun! I’m pretty excited to race there, though. We’re also going to Poland, and I’m super excited about that.


  6. I just wrapped up my goal race, and my cat is helping me recover too. She’ll lay on top of me so I have no choice but to lay there and accommodate her.


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