First Vlog Ever (special appearance by Elly)

Hey everyone!!!

I did my first vlog entry!! I went ahead and answered Kristina’s Running Vlog Survey. I also want to give a shout out to Meg for doing the survey as well. Elly is featured on here and stayed on my lap for the entire video. Watch it and let me know in the comments what you think. Also, go ahead and answer one of the questions or do a vlog of your own!

  1. What was your first race ever?
  2. What is your favorite race?
  3. Do you like to run with a pace group?
  4. What is your dream race?
  5. Who is your favorite runner?

Kristina, you and I are totally going to Western States one day! You’re definitely going to head up my crew. Meg also volunteered to be my pacer! 🙂

13 thoughts on “First Vlog Ever (special appearance by Elly)

  1. Fun! I wasn’t expecting your voice to sound like that for some reason. I think because you look a lot like a runner friend of mine so I was picturing the same voice she has, LOL.

    Anyway, you will totally rock WS one day. Get it girl!

    My dream race is the Big Sur Marathon. I don’t know why but I have this burning desire to do it. So beautiful! I would also love to run a marathon in New Zealand one day, where my dad is from.


    1. I’ve heard good things about Big Sur. Do you have to qualify to get in? Also, how cool is it that your dad is a Kiwi! Does he have the awesome accent? That’s definitely a place on my bucket list.

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      1. I don’t think you have to qualify to run Big Sur, but I believe it is a lottery system entry due to its popularity. My dad does have an accent! Although, depends on who you ask. To us here in the US his accent sounds pretty thick but I guess back in NZ they think he sounds American now!

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  2. Super cool, Kerry, I will definitely have to do this. Wow, that first race sounds super memorable, for sure. Mine really wasn’t. I did a local women’s 5k that our WW leader said would change our lives . . . not so much, or so I thought at the time, but I suppose ultimately, it did.

    I don’t think you have delusions of grandeur at all. Masochistic, yes, LOL!


    1. Yeah… I was very dumb back then and my competitiveness was a little out of control. I think that moment really taught me an important lesson in race strategy and being humble.

      I really like races geared towards getting women more into running. It seems like it has really worked because the running community is more women than men now!

      I picked out a 55K to do, so its getting less delusional the more I work towards it. I’ll rethink my goal a little after my first 50-miler. I think that experience will tell me a lot about the possibility of running Western.

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  3. Also, if you are ready for a 50 miler by next Spring, I strongly suggest coming to Wisconsin for the Ice Age Trail 50. It is a very, very good race and extremely popular. I’ve volunteered for it before. It’s a pretty renowned 50 miler in the country and people from all over the US come to race it. Registration opens in December and the shorter distances (half, 50K) sell out within an hour. You should totally consider it for your first 50m!


    1. I know a few people who have run that one. I’ve heard its great. Unfortunately, it is a little far from me AND, it will hopefully be even further from me by that point. Frank and I are trying to make a move westward in the next 6-8 months, so I’m looking at races in Colorado, Utah, and California. I probably wont be able to sign up until I know where we’re gonna live. Thanks for the suggestion though. I am looking for one around that time.


  4. You go girl! Who knew that after that memorable first race that you would be running 100 miles. I’m so proud of you. I ❤ U. Oh and your hair is awesome and so is Elly!


  5. You are so pretty. Elly is so pretty. I think it is interesting that most of my blogger friends have cats! 🙂

    Wow, in regards to #1, go big or go home! You totally went night night on that one. 🙂 I had to Googlemap where you live at in Kansas and I realized you are probably 6-7 hours from A LOT of cool places!


    1. Thanks! Elly is definitely the beautiful one. She’d get pretty mad if anyone said otherwise. 🙂

      I do live in driving distance to a lot of stuff, but unfortunately, it’s kind of a long drive. And 6-7 miles just barely gets you there. It’s like 10 to go to Aspen or get particularly far into the Rockies.


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