Thinking Out Loud: 20 thoughts I had running 20 miles

Last week I conquered the 20-mile distance for the first time. It was hard and ridiculous, but I finished it. I still have one more 20-miler left before the taper, but at least I know what to expect now. Since it was such an interesting experience, this week for Thinking Out Loud, I am going to list 20 thoughts that went through my mind while I ran. I was having a lot of trouble shutting my brain off and it was going a little wild. I imagine I will have even more fun thoughts while I run Colfax, but for now, here are 20 thoughts I had running my first 20-miler.

  1. Holy crap! 20 miles is so far… I wouldn’t drive that far if I could help it.
  2. I really hope the Hansons are wrong and this 20-miler isn’t going to kill me.
  3. Why did that person just pass me? Clearly they must NOT be running 20 miles.
  4. Oh, I am totally going to own this marathon.
  5. 20 miles isn’t that far.
  6. It’s so nice and wonderful out. I love running.
  7. Why do I do this to myself? I hate running.
  8. Sing it P!nk!! (while listening to So What)
  9. Almost half way!! Not too bad.
  10. Oh no… I’m only half way.
  11. Elly knows where it’s at! I should be sleeping next to her.
  12. Make it to 13.1 and you can eat some really gross Gu.
  14. So, this would be the second half of the marathon. I can totally do this!
  15. Why did I route myself to a hill on the 15th mile?
  16. I am circumnavigating Manhattan… I am like Magellan. I bet he couldn’t run 20 miles.
  17. Oh F*ck… Why do I do this to myself? There is no way I can run a marathon.
  18. Tell me I can do this… I can do this. Tell me I can do this… I can do this.
  19. I am the hungriest person in the world.
  20. I just ran 20 miles!!!! Marathon training is the best!!!!

At least I know I can run 20 miles! I think at the end of it, I could have run 6.2 more… if I had to. Seriously, though, I wouldn’t want to.

This is what Elly was doing while I ran:

That’s one passed out kitty!

Thanks to Amanda at Running with Spoons for hosting the linkup!


What thoughts go through your head while you run long?

16 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: 20 thoughts I had running 20 miles

  1. Ha! Loved this! Awesome that you knew could do another 6.2 at the end. You’re going to do great in the race!


    1. I don’t know… That 20-miler really took a lot out of me. I feel like maybe they were right. This week’s mileage went way down because I was feeling overtrained. Oh well.


  2. I had to laugh about 9 and 10 because that is the same thing I think in EVERY long run – I get so excited that I’m halfway there and then it dawns on me that I still have that many miles left to go! For me, making it to the point where I have less than 10 miles to go is always my rallying point, for some reason. There’s just something about having single digits remaining – maybe because that’s the distance I run during the week so it seems so manageable.

    When I’m in the last mile of a long run, I always imagine it’s that same point in the marathon, and picture myself surging to the finish line with the crowds cheering. Totally corny, but, it feels great and I think it helps me to remember why I put myself through this every week.


    1. Haha! I do that too. I like to imagine that I am one mile out from qualifying for Boston and I just have to hit a X:XX mile to get it. It definitely helps to be nerdy like that.


  3. Congrats on conquering 20 miles! It would take me at least 4 hours (and a whole lot of food). How did you feel afterward?

    Elly is beautiful! She reminds me of my calico Cleo, cone many years now.


    1. Thanks, I felt good afterwards, but I’ve been really struggling this week. I feel mentally and physically exhausted.

      Elly is so wonderful… she’s my pillow partner and cross-species soul mate. 🙂 Calico cats are so beautiful. I’m sure your Cleo was too!


  4. When I’m running long and someone passes me, I have that same thought: they’re not going as far as I am!

    The “second half of the marathon” at mile 14? Not quite. The marathon truly BEGINS at mile 20. That last 10k…nothing can describe it! Nice job on 20 – it definitely feels great to conquer such a distance!!


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