Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3

Alright guys… I have just been a horrible blogger lately. This week, my goal is to remedy that a bit. Despite my lack of blogging about running, I have been running a lot. Maybe even a little too much (IT band made itself known yesterday, so I am backing off). But, even with some squirrelliness in my leg, my runs last week were solid and training is going great. I’ve also made a successful transition to morning running. As soon as the sun comes up, the temps begin to approach 95-110 degrees, so morning running is really the only answer. This means waking up at 5 am (ouch) to be out the door before 6 and off the roads by 8. As my long runs get a little longer, I may have to be out there even earlier. I’ll worry about that when I get there.

I am using the Hanson’s Advanced Marathon Training Plan with a goal time of 3:45. These are my paces:

Goal Marathon Time: 3:45
Goal MP: 8:35
Strength: 8:25
Speed: 7:33 – 7:52
Easy: 9:35 – 10:35
LSD: 9:05 – 10:35

This was my training for the week:

M: 6 miles GMP 4 miles GMP + WU & CD (it was 97 degrees out… give me a break)

T: Easy 6 Miles (9:45/mi)

W: Track Workout – 8 x 600 + 400 Recovery lap + WU & CD (2:34, 2:39, 2:35, 2:35, 2:29, 2:47, 2:40, 2:38)

T: Easy 8 Miles (9:22/mi) – oops…

F: 10 Miles LSD (9:12/mi)

S: Rest (actually, hiking)

S: Easy 6 Miles (9:47/mi)

Total Mileage: 44 Miles

Beautiful morning for some 600 repeats!

In addition to the running, I also did yoga and body weight strength workouts each day. As you can see, a few of my paces were taken just too fast. I think this lead to my IT band making itself known towards the end of the week. The track workouts were supposed to be between 2:49-2:56, which not a single repeat was. I am having some trouble with not taking track workouts fast. To ward off potential injury, I am taking a week off from track work and taking an extra rest day. I definitely don’t think my IT band is injured, but I could feel it coming on, so I am not going to play around. This needs to be nipped in the bud now.

I’m seriously not kidding about these temps. 

Last week was also the first back-to-back long run. For the rest of training, my longest easy run is the day before my long run, which contributes to the cumulative fatigue you get through this plan. I gotta say, I liked it! The long run felt natural, but I was definitely more tired than I typically am during a 10 mile run. Also, the long runs are taken quite a bit faster than I am used to. It was nice to go a little faster.

Over the weekend, Frank and I did some hiking and camping with some friends. During the campout, we tried to see if both of us could fit in our friend’s kayak. Success!!

I think I was trying to wiggle away as he squeezed me a little too hard. 🙂

Next week is going to be a little chiller than usual. I am cutting out a track workout and cutting back the mileage a little to give my IT band a break. I’m going to keep up with my yoga and body weight strength training, but I am going to cut out squats and lunges. During the weekend, I’ll be out in Arkansas with a few friends to climb some routes at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch again. Should be a great time!

I know, I owe you a race recap still…I’ll get that out some time this week.

How was your week? How has your training been going? Any plans for 4th of July weekend?

18 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3

  1. Great week!!! I see you did come changes to it–I like seeing how people make it work to their schedules. I too, have been doing a little oopsie on going too fast on easy runs. But I think I’ll be feeling the fatigue soon and then it won’t be hard at all, lol!!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, if I put hard runs on weekends, I know that they’ll never get done. Frank and I do so much travel that mornings and evenings during the week are my best time for good runs. Easy runs are always such a pain!


  2. Ah, stupid IT band. I hope it loosens up for you and doesn’t continue to cause any discomfort!

    I’m glad your training has been going so well. Summer is so tough for training because of the heat, but it sounds like you’re making it work!


    1. Yeah I know! I was supposed to get out this morning, but we had a terrible thunder storm, so now I have to go out in the evening. I can’t wait until temps start to cool down, but I have a long way to go.


  3. Easing off the speed work for a week sounds like a smart idea if your IT band is attempting to make itself known. I was planning to go for a run last night, but my right calf muscle had a horrible knot in it. I thought I could probably run on it and be okay, but then I remember that I’m right at the beginning of my training plan. Better to give it a day to chill than push it into an injury. And it feels normal today, so I feel good about yesterday’s rest day. Hopefully your IT band will do the same.


    1. I am always willing to take a day off if I have an injury starting. I don’t like to play around and end up not making it to the start line. My IT band used to be a huge pain, but it really only comes out when I push too hard. I think all these track workouts at too fast of a pace made it rear it’s ugly head.

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  4. You are smart to back off just a bit! I am sure it will nip things in the bud right away. I am off to do my first track workout in 3 weeks! Not sure what the hell to do- what my plan says or one of the workouts I missed! Oh well I will decide when I am on the road…


    1. Yeah, it’s already feeling better. I have a tempo run tomorrow, so I’ll really get to see if things are back to normal. I just didn’t want to be regretting taking a day or two off later in the program because my IT band wont give it a rest. I’d much rather be patient now than have to take days off later.


  5. I think it’s normal in the beginning of training to take speed work and other runs too fast, because you still have so much energy and enthusiasm for training. Once you get deeper into the cycle and more fatigued and things become more routine, I’m sure your paces will become more consistent and settle into what they are naturally.

    Hopefully backing off works for your IT band. It’s smart to see the writing on the wall and back off now so you don’t compromise the many weeks of training you have left.


    1. Yeah. I completely agree. This is also not the first time this has happened to me. I had it make itself known during Colfax when I took things too hard. It went away then and I’m sure it’ll go away now (and it has). I’d much rather take time off now than be regretting things later. I seriously need to stop being a competitive turd on the track.


  6. Great week. Back when I had IT Band issues I noticed it was when I did a lot of track workouts. I never switched directions which always put stress on my outside IT Band. Stretching helps a lot.

    Not so much training but trying to have running adventures. And that is going great lol


    1. Yeah, if anything is going to set off my IT band, it’s always speed work. I used to struggle with it a lot because I didn’t listen and take the appropriate time off. I am a smarter person now, so I don’t play around.

      Running adventures are super fun! I go on those sometimes… although Kansas isn’t really the best place for them.


  7. Seems really smart to back off and focus on stretching and easy runs with a tight IT band. I’m sure you’ll be back up to speed (hah!) in no time 🙂

    What a cute pic of you guys in the kayak!!!


    1. Haha! Yeah. It already feels better. It seems like a day off really made a big difference. If I need to adjust things here or there and back off on the speed work, I’m not really too opposed to that. I figured when I started this plan that I’d have to watch how I feel after track work to make sure that it really actually pays off.


  8. My IT reared its ugly head after hill repeats last year, which I’m in the midst of now, so I’m trying to play close attention. So far so good, I think the cross training is helping. We’ll see.

    I get tired just reading about that mileage and that heat. But hopefully it will translate into a great fall marathon for you!

    I have a 4 mile race on the 4th. It has great spectator support. But it’ll probably be on the warm side (for here), so I’m not holding my breath on any PRs.


    1. Speed work often sets off mine, although hill repeats never has. Honestly, I love hill repeats and it’s something that i feel is missing from the Hanson’s plan. If I keep getting little pains here or there from my IT band, I might switch some of my track stuff to hill repeats.

      Good luck on your 4-miler! I’m sure you’ll kick butt!

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      1. Nah, I really don’t do well in the heat at all. Last year was a fluke cool day, but it’s a fun race.

        Funny, speed work at the track doesn’t bother my IT — I think because it’s a break from pounding the road — but hills can definitely do it.

        I’ve always understood that hill repeats CAN be used for speed work.


      2. I’ve always used hills as speed… especially the downhill. You can really work on leg turnover. I think the always leaning on to my left leg on the turns is the problem at the track. I can’t switch direction because there are so many other people using it.

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