Getting Ready to go Ultra

Thanks everyone for all of the supportive comments last week after my update. I am in the final week before my race, and to say that I am nervous is an understatement. Running 31.5 miles wont be easy or pretty, but I think I can get it done. I still have some last minute details to get through, and I am not entirely sure what I am going to eat on the course (I know, a little late, right?). Most things I’ve tried, besides GU packets, bother my stomach and I really don’t see myself being able to down GU for 6+ hours.

Last week, my iPod shuffle kicked the bucket on a run. It’s been my running partner for some time now and I was quite devastated when I realized that my sweat had killed it. Fortunately for me, AudioFlood makes an awesome waterproof version of the shuffle. It came in yesterday, just in time to have some music during my race! I’ve been downloading music from the library and itunes to make sure that I have plenty to listen to for the many hours that I will be running in Omaha this weekend.


So, now I’m pretty feeling ready! At least as ready as one feels before they take on their first ultra marathon…

And since you haven’t seen how Elly is doing for a while, here’s a beautiful pic of her from yesterday.


Do you run with music? What player do you use? Any song suggestions for my race?

9 thoughts on “Getting Ready to go Ultra

    1. Seriously!! I can’t do 6 hours of gels. I may just end up eating whatever they have at the aid stations (should be real food) and just hope for the best. I know, never try anything new on race day, but it’s not like I can really bring a hot meal with me when I go for a 20-miler. In reality, this race is a test, and if my stomach goes, at least I learned something important for the future.


      1. Speaking of aid stations: Will you be taking a hydration pack/hand held or relying on aid stations?

        Also have you tried the honey stinger waffles? I’m kind of addicted to them so I hoping to alternate them with gels if I decide to do an ultra (and assuming they don’t bomb my stomach).


      2. I’ll have a hydration pack and the option to switch to my handheld if the pack starts hurting my shoulders (as it does sometimes). Frank is meeting me every 10 miles to make sure that I am good and he’ll have a blister kit/other first aid.

        I’ve tried honey stinger waffles. I have a lot of trouble talking myself into eating it while I run. I just don’t want it. It’s so weird too, cause when I hike, I like them a lot. I crave saltier things like saltines, oyster crackers and pasta. So, I figure I’ll just eat whatever they have and whatever I like. I am vegan though, so I’ll have to be careful not to eat something that has broth or cheese in it.

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  1. I volunteered at a trail ultra last year and you wouldn’t believe the food they had at aid stations! PBJs, coke, candy, chips, even pizza! Personally if I were running an ultra I’d be all about the PBJs. I’ve heard of people taking Uncrustables, or cutting up sandwiches into bite sized pieces to carry in baggies. There’s no way in hell I’m only eating Gu for 6 hours, lol.

    So many questions…how many miles a week do you run to prep for the distance? Is it basically just marathon mileage or do you go higher? Longest long run? GOOD LUCK, you’ll crush it!


    1. I’ll definitely be all about the chips. I am going to grab some stuff for Frank to hold on to for when he sees me (which he will every 10 miles). As for the distance, I did about what I do with marathon training + a lot more LONG hikes (like 18-25 miles in a day with a pack in Colorado/Arkansas). I also did some back to backs. I kept doing speed work, cause I like it and it makes me feel more confident. That is generally not suggested in ultra training, but whatever, I like doing it. My longest long run was a back-to-back 20 on Friday + 18 power hiking miles on Saturday.


  2. Go girl! You are going to have a lot of fun. 🙂 31.5 miles is long, but look at it as just a nice long day in the woods. I have no music suggestions since I like podcasts. But if you need PODCAST suggestions, I’m your girl. I’m sure you’ll meet a lot of people on the trail. Trail runners are nice/interesting people.


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