Living the Utah Life

Hey guys!! I’m back and I live in Utah now! I know that it’s been a while, and a lot has happened in this time, so let’s get to it!

Well… I moved across the country to Salt Lake City. It was a long process, but we now have an apartment and we are all settled in to our new place. As most of you know, I was very excited about this move. I didn’t like Kansas much and I had always longed for the mountains of the west. I feel like my patience really paid off because I have more mountains (and canyons) than I know what to do with!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.28.25 AM

Unfortunately, about a week after living here, I had a bit of an accident at the gym involving a step and a treadmill and managed to turn my ankle. I was pretty unable to walk for a while and switched over to climbing and yoga only. No running. It’s been a few weeks, and last week was my first run since the injury. I feel a bit out of shape and completely unprepared for my marathon on June 10. So, I’m backing off. I’ll run the half since going from nothing to Marathon in two months is really not advisable.

My poor ankle…

Besides an unfortunate ankle turn, Utah is wonderful! Once I am back to serious running, I have endless trails, and there is more hiking, climbing, backpacking, and canyoneering than I know what to do with! Salt Lake City is also a very nice and hip town with tons of great restaurants and a lot of climbing gyms.

Here are some pics from our adventures thus far:

Chilling and waiting for the next climb
One of the beautiful peaks just minutes from my house
Rock climbing with friends
My mom and I at Arches National Park
After work hike in the Wastach
Frank descending the final repel (90 ft) during our canyoneering trip
Proof that my ankle is getting better! Look at that balance!

As you can see, we are really living it up around here. My ankle is not yet 100%, but I expect it will be in the next few weeks. Once it is, I’ll hit up some of the trails and let you all know how they are.

Hope all is well with all of you! How has your spring been? Any races or goals coming?

12 thoughts on “Living the Utah Life

  1. Bummer about your injury, but glad you’re healing up! I’ve been out of shape for like the last three months so I know how it goes, lol.

    I’m so jealous you get to live out there! It was really hard for us to leave when we visited last month. Bummed we missed each other, but the last leg of our trip was a little nuts anyway and we were only in SLC to fly in and out of Utah.


    1. I feel like Frank and I made the best decision we’ve ever made coming out there. I love everything about Utah and every day I find new things that make it even better. SLC is a crazy fun town, and if you’re ever coming back through, let me know! It’s great to finally live somewhere that I don’t always feel compelled to leave.


    1. Are you flying into SLC or Vegas? Once we get a little closer, I’ll send you some suggestions of cool places (that aren’t too crowded) in the areas you’ll be. Maybe I’ll even see you in St. George!


    1. Haha! This is the good side of the ankle injury. If we’re gonna be honest, I called Frank up in tears, barely able to breath, saying that my running life was over and that I hate my ankle. I also had to work a full day on my feet at the PT clinic immediately after hurting it. I’m sure that did wonders. I did try not to let it get super in my way here. Utah is awesome and I want to take advantage of it’s awesomeness.


  2. OMG, I would LOOOOOOVE to live out there! We really wanted to go skiing out there this season, but the airfare just wasn’t affordable compared to going to Denver, so Colorado won. Do you ski? You live in an amazing area. Congrats on ending up there! Sorry to hear about the foot mishap. Speedy recovery!


    1. I only cross country ski. I’m kind of afraid of hitting the slopes. It seems like it’s uncontrollably throwing yourself off a mountain. Haha! I do love living in Utah. It’s such a beautiful place. You should come out here in the summer and check out some of the parks!

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  3. Hi Kerry, I’m a new reader and a SLC resident. Welcome! Glad to see that you are settling in despite the ankle mishap. I moved here a little over seven years ago for a couple of years and fell in love with the place. Maybe I’ll catch you on the trails. I work by the BST and I *think* my muscle strain might be healed……


    1. I’m totally in love with Salt Lake. We did Lake Blanche yesterday and I was constantly in awe of how close this fantastic place is to our house!! Hopefully we see each other on the trails!


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