Thanksgiving Week Training Update

The snow melted and it is currently 52 F outside. Unfortunately, I am not able to enjoy the warmer weather for my long run. While on a rather short and easy run last week, I started feeling the old IT band pain. So, with that, plans changed and I didn’t go for my long run sunday.Continue reading “Thanksgiving Week Training Update”

Post Run Hip and Hamstring Sequence

When I am done with a run, I like to spend some time stretching to alleviate any residual tightness. I have found that consistent stretching of the hips and hamstrings helps my body remain injury free. The sequence below takes about 5 minutes and does a good job getting into some of the most tightContinue reading “Post Run Hip and Hamstring Sequence”

Training Update!

Winter has started but that doesn’t mean my training stops. I am running my first half marathon in mid-February in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, my home town. The course runs along the beach and should be pretty fun! Monday: rest day Tuesday: 4 miles easy + yoga Wednesday: 3.1 miles + yoga Thursday: yoga Friday: 5Continue reading “Training Update!”

My Comeback and Intention

As a runner, I often forget how useful my knowledge of yoga and anatomy can be to prevent injury. This became a big problem when I found myself sidelined for two weeks from IT band syndrome. I had been training hard for a trail race in Southern Indiana, but after the race I became enamoredContinue reading “My Comeback and Intention”