Colfax Marathon Training Week 10: Things are going great!

Woohoo! Another week in the books for marathon training and it was another great one. Surprisingly, higher mileage is feeling really good on my legs. I’m rarely sore (only after speed workouts or hard tempo runs). I’m starting to get better at varying my pace AND I am getting faster. Like a lot faster. It’s amazing what more running does for your speed.

Although I still feel like running a marathon is like a ridiculous joke, it’s starting to feel more possible. My goal has been to go for a sub-4:00 time, but to be totally cool with abandoning that goal on race day if I am just not feeling it. I think that if things keep going the way they have been… a sub-4:00 is well within my reach. Of course, I will reassess as we get closer, but lately I am feeling strong and fast, which are two good things.

This is what Elly was up to this week:

I woke her up… she was not amused.

Monday: 6 miles easy pace + yoga

I took it easy and just went out for a little loop around town. It was a nice day out, I got to wear shorts AND I was breaking in my new shoes. I love the first few runs in a new pair of running shoes. Everything always feels so wonderful and bouncy.

Working on some inversions.

Tuesday: 7 miles – Tempo Run at “goal MP”

I’ve been trying to get a better feel for my paces so I really wanted to practice without look at my watch this week. This was the first run that I really commited to it. I wanted to stick to a pace where I felt I could hold it for a super long time, but was still faster than my long run pace (usually between 9:30-9:40/mi). I looked down at my watch only when I finished a mile and I was shocked! The miles were ticking by in the mid-8:00’s and faster. I just kept moving, not pushing hard. My last mile was a sub-8 (7:31)… which has never been an easy pace for me. I figured this was a fluke and figured that the higher mileage is making me more comfortable with my tempo runs.

Wednesday: 5 mile Recovery Run + Yoga

Very chill recovery. I hovered around a 10:00/mi pace. I felt good, but certainly tired, so it was nice to have a slow day.

Thursday: Yoga, no running

 Friday: 18 miles LSD

18 miles is a hard distance for me. I feel like it’s unfathomably far and honestly, farther than I generally like to drive, no less run. I tried to compartmentalize it in my head as a 10 mile run and a separate 8 mile run. I did a long loop around town and made it to my house at mile 13 for a fast drink of water before setting out for the last 5 miles. Normally, I would just drink at the water fountains around town, but they are still off (I decided to harass Manhattan Parks and Rec on twitter to get the fountains turned back on. It worked!!). I kept the last 4 miles at race pace without too much effort, which gave me a ton of confidence!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.18.06 AM.png
Harassing my city on twitter.

Saturday: No Running, just yoga!

Sunday: 9 miles – Tempo Run

No idea what happened here… I went out at a very chill warm up pace and then just kicked it up a few notches at a nice comfortable pace. I figured I was hitting close to goal MP pace (so… 9/mi), but the miles kept getting faster. By mile 5 I was hitting sub-8:00/mi and felt like I could hold this pace forever. I briefly considered running a half marathon to PR, but decided to stick to my original plan and save the PR for a race. Including the warm up, this was at 8:12/mi. I guess it’s runs like these that give you the confidence and mental strength to finish a marathon.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.23.00 AM
Crazy splits!!

Total: 45 Miles


I ended the week on a huge high point. However, I am very much looking forward to this week’s recovery. I will be hitting between 32-36 miles, which is going to feel amazing after two tough weeks. This weekend I am participating in an adventure race called Questival in Dallas, TX. I think it’s a scavenger hunt or something like that, but all I do know is that it is 24 hours and it’s supposed to be crazy fun. I’ll write a recap after.

Well, there it is. I had a great week. Here’s to hoping this momentum keeps up!!

I recently got a twitter account. Follow me @thisyogiruns or just check out the tweets on the side bar!

How was your weekend? Did anyone race?

15 thoughts on “Colfax Marathon Training Week 10: Things are going great!

  1. Nice job this week! Great mileage and nice looking pincha mayurasana. I always say – if you want to get faster, run more miles. You are doing just that!! I ran a 5K this weekend – first one I’ve run in about a year and a half!


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I used to get injuries when i would up my speed, but it’s been a few years now and it seems like I am a lot less injury prone (knock on wood). Listening to your body is good though. If you feel like you shouldn’t up your mileage, then don’t. Getting hurt is the worst!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That yoga pose is so dope!!

    Great job this week! Week 10 was about the same time I really started to feel like my training was paying off, too (lol I say that like it was a long time ago instead of just two weeks). You definitely have a sub-4:00 in you. Just keep believing, don’t overthink it, take it one day at a time, and when your motivation is low and you want to give up just remember: Sarah Palin is a 3:59 marathoner. 😛


    1. Thanks! That’s one of my favorite poses! Training is paying off… but it is making me tired. I’m sleeping a lot more and when I stay up late, I feel it more than I used to.

      Oh man… I really need to beat Sarah Palin.


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I am surprised by how strong I’ve been feeling. However, I know that I have a few tough weeks ahead of me. I have been feeling pretty tired, and to be honest, I am looking forward to the taper.


  3. Awesome week! So cool that everything clicked for you and you saw proof of getting faster. I always feel so much stronger when I run more miles too.


    1. Thanks! This is the first time that I’ve consistently kept higher mileage like this. Usually I am closer to 30/week and have only hit the 40 mark a handful of times. It’s really amazing how much strong I feel when I run more.


    1. Thanks! I’ve been surprised at how good I feel with the higher mileage. I have always been worried about getting injured, but it seems like things are still going well.


  4. That is awesome that you got the water fountains turned on through twitter!

    I have found that breaking long runs up into smaller chunks really helps me deal with the mental side of running 18 miles. I usually try to focus on just one hour of running at a time. I also tell myself that I can’t start thinking about how many miles are left until I am at least halfway done.


    1. Haha! It’s one of the benefits of living in a small town. It’s so much easy to mentally prepare for a long run if it is broken into smaller sections. Sometimes I even restart my garmin so I don’t have to look at the really big mile numbers that I am running. Even if I am feeling good, seeing “Mile 17” really makes me tired!

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