Rocky Mountain High!

Last run in Manhattan!!!

Alright!! So here it is, I am leaving today for Denver!! Frank and I will be staying with our good friend, Scott, in Boulder, which is about 40 minutes away from the starting line. I am definitely excited to go… although I don’t think Elly shares that excitement.


I did my last few runs, including my last time seeing the Linear Trail before the race. Seriously, I couldn’t stop smiling the entire run.

I am all packed up and ready. Oh… and this is my raceday outfit:


I’ll be wearing my Roga Shorts and a Flyte Tank from Oiselle. I’ll have a lot of Gu packs on me, so luckily my Roga Shorts have enough pockets to accommodate that.

I still don’t know my bib number, but you can still check athlete tracking using my name. The race starts at 6:00 am MT… pretty early unless you are an east coaster.

Thanks for all of the advice and support you all gave me and for signing up for runner tracking. I might be the most tracked runner at that race. Haha! I am so excited to get on the road and get this thing done!!!

Only 3 days until the race! See ya’ll when I get back!!!

10 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High!

  1. Good luck!! How exciting, and I love your outfit!!

    I just signed up to track you via text! This is so weird but I had a dream about your marathon last night! I was getting text alerts that said you finished well under 4 hours! In the dream the marathon also only had like 30 runners in it. And then I was at a grocery store and got held hostage by some blonde news anchors. Yeah, it was a really weird dream. But here’s hoping *some* of it comes true!


    1. What?! I am laughing so hard right now. I hope my marathon goes the way your dream said…but I really don’t want you to get held up by some weird blonde news anchors. lol That’s definitely a strange one. Haha!


      1. Haha well all my dreams are pretty strange, so, it was just another night for me. They were really annoying too. I also remember getting a text alert that said you crossed the first checkpoint at an 8:44 pace or something and I was like KERRY SLOW DOWN!!! lol


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