The Moving Saga Continues

I am definitely ready to head out here.

Moving Update

Frank and I are officially making the move in 11 days. It’s a little surreal getting our stuff packed knowing that in less than two weeks, we’ll be living in the mountains. We’ll be making the final ride through the prairie with everything that we own and our two cats in our little Kia Soul.

Things are going to be a bit hectic for a while. We do not have housing once we are in Salt Lake and are instead staying in an AirBnB for three weeks while we find a suitable apartment. Having never actually been to SLC, we are unsure of which areas are good or bad. The AirBnB seemed like a reasonable way for us to get our bearings straight and find an affordable place in a safe area. Due to the uncertainty we are facing over the next month or so, I may be a little inconsistent on the blog. I’ve also had a very hard time replying to comments and to your blogs! I am still reading them, I just have very little time and I’ve been having a lot of trouble managing all that is going on.

We have a 15-hour car ride ahead of us, but we will be stopping along the way in Boulder, CO to spend some time with a friend. I’m pretty sure Elly and Sydney are not going to know what hit them.

Oh this poor cat has no idea what is to come.

Running Update

Since I know where I am living, I am starting to fill my calendar with races and training plans. I recently reached out to the Utah Valley Marathon in Provo and they provided me with a few perks for you guys! I have one free entry to the race (Marathon, Half Marathon or 5K) and will be having a raffle next week. I also have a promotional code for 15% off your entry fee, so if you want to sign up, use the code kr15. It is their 10-year anniversary and it should be a great race. If you are interested in running this race, let me know! I can help you find suitable housing at some of the local AirBnB’s.

The Utah Valley Marathon is on June 10, and even though I have begun training, I am going to start over to concentrate on this race. Along the way, I will also run the Salt Lake City Half Marathon and potentially a few other shorter or trail races. Later this week I’ll post about my thoughts on training for Utah Valley. Unfortunately, it is very hard to train while my life is being uprooted a bit. I’m hoping that once we get out there, things should calm down a bit and make it easier to train.

I hope all of you have been doing well. Have you ever moved across the country? Was it a stressful process? Even though I am very happy to be heading to Salt Lake, I am still very stressed about getting there.

11 thoughts on “The Moving Saga Continues

  1. I can relate. Moving is soooo stressful and the process of uprooting your life is very emotionally taxing and draining. Before I moved in with Kevin 4 years ago I was moving around a lot – college, internships, AmeriCorps, and even within Milwaukee when some apartments weren’t working out. It’s hard. So please, take care of yourself during this process. Run for fun and as a stress reliever, but don’t worry about training right now. It will be there for you when you’re ready. Life is full of curve balls and running can’t always be front and center. Just remember to treat yourself with grace, always!


    1. Yeah… I realized today at work that I really don’t feel too great and I’m wondering if I’m getting sick. I’m making time for running, but it’s been very hard. I usually feel so much better after I do it, but with so much to do, getting myself out the door can be a challenge.


  2. Oh wow — so we have a chance to meet up in RL at UVM? Of course I am only doing the half.

    I’ve moved from NY to MD. From MD to VT. From VT to TX. And from TX to NY (full circle!). It’s always stressful. And we’ve always hired movers.

    When we moved here, we had 2 dogs & 2 cats — digest that for a while! I drove with my 2 cats from MD to VT, too.

    All I can tell you is — we all survived!


    1. Oh that is intense… 2 cats seems a little nuts, but I can’t imagine adding 2 dogs to the mix.

      That’s awesome that you are doing Utah Valley!!! I would love to meet you. My email is We should swap contact info. How long are you gonna be in Utah and the Salt Lake Valley? Hopefully I’ll know my way around by then and can suggest some great food places.


      1. I don’t know how long we’ll be in Provo; we haven’t worked out the details yet. We are definitely taking a vacation around it (unless life happens).

        I’d like to visit Bryce or Zion, since I’ve never been & also just realized the other day that the Best Friends Sanctuary is in that vicinity too!

        I’ve done the 2 cats in the car thing — those particular cats were actually pretty good about it.

        Simba would have been a nightmare in a car (and was on the plane, too).


  3. I’m really excited for you guys, I bet you will love SLC. I’ve only driven through once but it seemed like an awesome place to live! The mountains sure do make for a gorgeous backdrop.

    What a great idea to do an AirBNB while you figure things out! I am sure the kitties will be confused but comforted by your presence. When we first moved into the house Cecil stuck by my side 24/7 and hid under the couch when I was gone, poor little guy. It took him a couple of weeks but he’s totally king of the house again! 🙂


    1. Yeah. Elly copes like that too. She will follow me everywhere and need to be on my lap at all times. Sydney hates the car and I’m a little more worried about her. Moving to Kansas, she pretty much cried the whole time and seemed kinda off for a few weeks.


  4. Good luck with your move. I know how stressful moving can be. I’ll be going to Utah for the first time this week, but not SLC. We’ll be in the southern part, going to Zion, Bryce, and eventually working our way to the Grand Canyon. I’ve heard great things about Utah!


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