First Training Week of the New Year

The new year is an opportunity for a fresh start and often, some awesome running. This year has been different. The problems of 2018 have dragged on and are greatly affecting every aspect of my life  including my running. In the new year, I should have felt that extra push to train and make 2019 the best, but with only one week in, it’s been hard and messy.

My husband works for a nonprofit that receives funding from the National Science Foundation. With the current government shutdown, we don’t know when his paycheck is going to dry up. We are heading towards uncharted territory and I have never been one to do well with that. Since his insurance is cheaper and better, we are both on his company’s plan making our healthcare one of the many things up in the air right now. And it seems like there is no end in site.

It’s hard to run and exercise when you are exhausted from the stress of a difficult situation such as this. I find myself moving slower, wanting to stay in, and generally allowing any excuse to be the one that has me skip a run. I am no stranger to anxiety and I need running for this very reason, but it is often the first thing to go when my life gets turned upside down.

Beautiful snow on Monday’s run

This was my training last week:

Monday: 9.1 miles along BST trail in snow (~1800 feet of gain)

Tuesday: 6.5 miles up Grandeur Peak (~2500 feet of gain)

Wednesday: 7 miles up Millcreek Road (~1200 feet of gain) + Climbing

Thursday: OFF

Friday: OFF (Should have run)

Saturday: 12.5 miles on Park City trails (~1300 feet of gain) + Climbing

Sunday: Hiking and sledding for 4-6ish miles

Total Mileage: ~38 Miles and ~7500 feet of gain

Frosted hair on Wednesday’s run

Overall, I feel deflated this week and I’m hoping for some good news in the next few days with regards to Frank’s job. Sydney (my cat) has been having some health issues but recently seems to have made a few big steps in the right direction. I’m glad to at least have that partially resolved.

Park City sure is beautiful

My next two races coming up are Running Up for Air (RUFA) 24 hour and Zion 100. I feel like I’m not in the best of shape at the moment, but I’ll get back there, certainly by Zion. RUFA might be a bit of a slog which I’m prepared for. Since it will be mostly walking, I imagine it will be more of a mental battle than a physical one.

My goals for next week are to drink more water (I’m terrible at that) and do some more fast running. I need to feel my legs move.

Training Next Week:

Monday: 10-12 on road + climbing

Tuesday: 10 miles on hilly trail

Wednesday: 16 miles LSD on trail

Thursday: Climbing

Friday: Run/hike up steep terrain

Saturday: 6 miles road + Hiking

Sunday: 6-8 miles + Climbing

Thanks to HoHo Runs and Taking the Long Way Home for hosting the Weekly Wrap Linkup!


How has your new year been?


9 thoughts on “First Training Week of the New Year

  1. Your upcoming races sound exciting! Is the 24-hour event on a looped course, where you have the time limit to do as many ‘loops” as possible? Or an extended out & back route that you repeat?


    1. It’s 24-hours up and down a prominent peak in the Wasatch called Grandeur Peak. Each lap is 6 miles and about 2500 feet. The goal is to do as many laps as possible in 24 hours. The race is likely going to be a walk for me. I don’t think my quads could take that kind of beating on the downhill and if I run the uphill, I’ll only make it through 2-3 laps.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been affected by the government shutdown. This is real world stuff! My husband works in construction and he sometimes is out of work–the longest was 3 months. I only work part-time, so it was tough on us! Hang in there!


  3. I’m so sorry that you have had so much stress from your husband’s job situation. It just sucks – there’s no other way to put it. I’m watching from afar (I’m American but live in the Netherlands) and we see this on the news and just think HOW CAN THIS EVEN BE HAPPENING? I mean in no other civilised country, are people forced to work without pay because the president and the cabinet are at odds with each other. REALLY hope it’s sorted out soon.

    I hope Sydney is also really on the mend and that you get some good miles in this week.


  4. I feel you on the uncertainty — especially the healthcare — my situation is different, and thankfully not dependent on politics, but yeah, I definitely get the stress. It’s hard when it’s so out of your control.

    Still looks like a great week to me! You only took one day off, and maybe you just really needed that day. Better undertrained than an injury!

    I can’t even imagine running a race in Zion — but it sure is beautiful. We loved our time there!


  5. Your photos are gorgeous
    Sorry for the uncertainty – can’t even imagine how those affected by the shutdown managing . I wish you best of luck


  6. Welcome to the Weekly Wrap! I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s job. I’ve been dealing with a sad family issue — and we’re in the middle of moving as well — and my runs feel stressful right now. I went to Utah recently for the first ime (ran the Utah Valley half). It’s so pretty there and I love your snow pics.


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